“Journalism,” 2019: The Daily Beast Doxes Black Trump Supporter Behind Nancy Pelosi Meme Video


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The Daily Beast doxed a working class African-American Trump supporter on Saturday for sharing a meme video making fun of Nancy Pelosi on Facebook.

Daily Beast writer Kevin Poulsen wrote on Twitter: “NEW: I went looking for the Russian troll behind the ‘Drunk Pelosi’ viral video hoax. Turns out he’s an itinerant forklift operator from the Bronx who’s been secretly running hard-right ‘news’ outlets across social media for years. Also, not Russian.”

The article is sickening propaganda boasting about tracking the poor guy down and bringing him to the table by threatening his livelihood as a working class forklift operator.

Here’s an excerpt:

At first [he] didn’t respond to emails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and a direct message over Instagram, and he blocked this reporter on Twitter. On Friday he called back, explaining that he was worried over the prospect of being publicly linked to the video fakery.

“I’m in New York City,” he said. “Very liberal. People make judgments. I just don’t want to be linked to a conservative right-winger and be potentially denied services and stuff… People are nasty. You should see some of the messages that are coming in.”

As he tells it, [he] gravitated to conservatism after seeing first hand the failure of liberal policies during the Obama era. “I’ve traveled around and seen too many things, and I don’t like the way things have been run,” he said. A key personal turning point came years ago when he was working in a warehouse in Queens doing “forklift work, loading, unloading, labeling,” he said “Basic stuff.” He’d started the job off-the-books, but eventually became an official hire. Then the managers began supplementing their workforce with undocumented immigrants willing to do the same work for less, he claimed.

“Drag an African-American day laborer into the spotlight and try to ruin his life because he made a trivial video about Nancy Pelosi,” Glenn Greenwald commented. “The only worse part is how you’re celebrating yourselves like you did something brave and important. Nauseating.”

Big League Politics reported that Kevin Poulsen is a convicted felon who was “previously banned from the Internet for committing espionage against the United States”:

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