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by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

If you asked me in the face of any normal Democratic candidate running against Trump I’d say Trump’s done in 2020.

Even with the recent Mexican deal to actually stop the migration out of Central America, it’s not enough.  It’s progress, but not enough progress.  China likely won’t make any such deal as that requires them to actually change how they do business and run their government; that’s a bridge too far.

But the Democrats aren’t running anyone who’s sane.

You have multiple candidates who have openly said they’ll do flatly-unconstitutional things — like try to grab guns.  That one alone could lead to a dirty civil war.

The left’s tactics are transparent; use “ballot harvesting” (an outright fraud; one person, one vote means you must actually be able to prove there was only one, which means showing up at the polls), votes from illegal invaders who have no eligibility and “decisions” from judges outside their actual jurisdiction to leave millions of illegal invaders in the nation who have utterly no right to be here under any circumstances make clear the intent of the left.

Frankly, I still think Trump loses — to one of the nuts.

That’s a problem.

Put in place a political paradigm that makes clear that conservatives will never win another national election majority through various forms of demographic and vote-rigging and you’re asking for trouble.  Really big trouble.

Divided government leads to a lot of finger-pointing and screaming, but as long as people are talking — and voting — they’re not shooting.  Tell people they effectively can’t vote any more because it doesn’t matter and you have trouble.

Look at the left’s enclaves; just take the map of counties that voted for Clinton in 2016.

Nice map eh?  How much arable land is contained in those blue counties?  Can they feed themselves?

How much oil and natural gas is extracted out of those blue counties?  Can they obtain enough fuel to keep themselves warm in the winter and lights on in the summer?

How much electrical power is generated inside those blue counties?  Can those cities be self-sufficient without the Reds?  How well does that high-rise elevator work without power?

How much fresh water is directly accessible to those blue counties?  Can they manage to flush their toilets? In some cases (e.g. Chicago), yes.  In others, where most of the available water is salty…… not so much.

How much of our nation’s chemical plant capacity is in those blue counties?  Can they treat their drinking water so it’s safe, and treat their waste water so it doesn’t cause cholera?

Now put one of those left-wing nutjobs into office along with a House that is hell-bent on full-blown socialism.  Hell, you have an outright Communist that was just elected to Denver’s City Council, and an awful lot of what Bernie just put out was literally plagiarized from Joseph Stalin!

Where are the “mainline” Democrats?  Hiding under their desk, afraid of being called racists?

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