Using Events to Further Power


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

I appreciate everything you do to clear away the mist and show what is truly happening in the world. You are one of the few voices of reason out there.

In New Zealand, since the mosque shootings in Christchurch, things have become very tense and this is due, in large part, to the way the government and police have responded and behaved since then.

Ordinary New Zealanders, kiwis, who are among the most accepting and laid back people on earth, are becoming anxious and angry at the way they are being treated. This is highlighted in particular be the heavy-handed way the police are undertaking gun confiscation in the wake of recent law changes to control firearms.

How quickly a country can change. Is this the kind of pivot you foresee as we approach 2032? With governments and their law enforcement becoming more and more oppressive to the point where ordinary people will say enough!

ANSWER: Governments know there is a massive problem on the horizon. They let Bitcoin trade to familiarize people with cryptocurrency. There is an agenda to eliminate cash, and we may see that hit in Europe and Australia before anywhere else. The raids on gun collectors in New Zealand are the excuse for violent acts.

The US used 9/11 to further the power of government. All the constitutional rights we had and the generations who fought and died to preserve our freedom were usurped, not by an invading army, but by our own government. This is a standard operational tactic that is by no means new. Ben Franklin addressed this issue. The people are given the picture of an omnipotent, unslayable hydra of destruction unless they surrender their individual liberties in pursuit of safety.

Not surprisingly, the ultimate outcome of the attacks are a bigger and more powerful government. For example, Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer of New York declared that “the era of a shrinking federal government is over” and proposed taking advantage of the attacks to create a “‘new’ New Deal” of government security. Schumer said, “For the foreseeable future, the federal government will have to grow.”

In order to defeat terrorism, government power must be increased. Historical studies show that government tends to grow both in power and in size during any war. World Wars I and II and the Cold War provided tremendous opportunities for growth in government power and size. They can call virtually anything a threat to national security. That is the catch phrase to vanquish human rights.

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