Please Listen To Batchelor and Cohen


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Nowhere else will you get such a clear and objective analysis of The New Cold War and the impact that the whole “Russiagate” fiasco is having on geo-political relations.

Look, I know we’ve been posting these podcasts for over five years now and I know you’re likely tired of hearing me implore you to listen each week. But few things could be more important. It is incumbent upon you…even if you’re not a US citizen…to understand what’s driving, and what’s at stake, in this New Cold War. These weekly podcasts are the only source of consistently objective analysis I have ever found.

Therefore, please do not tune out and please try to find time to listen this week and every week. An informed population is our only hope against the organized malfeasance of those in power.TF

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