Mike Cernovich on Big Tech Censorship: They’re Taking Out the Influential People One-by-One


by Robert Kraychik, Breitbart:

Mike Cernovich described the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe expanding censorship of conservatives as a political measure to assist Democrats in 2020’s upcoming presidential elections and beyond, offering his remarks in a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“They want to ban everyone before the primary season heats up,” said Cernovich. “They’re getting rid of all the people who are influential or perceived as influential, and they’re taking them out one-by-one. Facebook is now banning people for what they call ‘off-platform harassment,’ but yet Facebook paid users to harass other people.”

According to Cernovich, Big Tech companies such as Facebook, and Twitter, and Google — including its subsidiary YouTube —  deploy political censorship to combat what they label “hate speech.” Noteworthy figures recently banned from the various platforms include Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopoulos.



Silicon Valley companies deny that left-wing or partisan Democrat biases shape their conduct.

Cernovich noted how Twitter’s enforcement of its stated user codes of conduct is colored by its left-wing and partisan politics, noting Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims (D) remains on Twitter after soliciting assistance on Periscope — a video-streaming platform owned by Twitter and integrated into its platform — to dox pro-life teenagers and deridinga woman for being white.

“Brian Sims is actually a great example [of Twitter’s political double-standard],” said Cernovich. “He literally harassed underage girls. … He’s not banned. He uses racially-charged language to talk about women. He essentially said old white women aren’t allowed to have political opinions, ‘Oh, look at this old white woman out here trying to have an opinion.’ Not banned. Everything’s cool.”

Marlow noted Twitter’s and Facebook’s shared refusal to enforce their own stated standards in the case of Vic Berger, a left-wing personality who repeatedly harasses, smears, and engages in overtly threatening behavior against people he disagrees with politically. He noted how leftists regularly target the family members of their detractors.

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