Liberal Twilight Zone, Rachael Maddow Advocates War With Venezuela Because, Trump


by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

  • In 2019 the liberals have become so insane that MSNBC host/mob leader Rachel Maddow slammed President Trump for refusing to listen to his advisors and go to war with Venezuela.

Why would MSNBC host Rachael Madcow advocate America going to war and placing our soldiers in harm’s way, rather than do whatever it takes not to?

To tweak Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course.

Maddow pointed out the difference in tone between President Trump and those inside his administration such as Mike Pompeo and John Bolton.

Both of whom have accused Russia on various occasions that Putin/Russia has been keeping the Bernie Sander’s lovingVenezuelan socialist President, Nicolas Maduro, in power.

President Trump who ran on an America first policy, that included going into senseless wars at a drop of a hat, was less inclined to accept his two advisors dubious and somewhat sensational accusations.

President Trump spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday and said Putin was “not looking” to get involved in Venezuela, days after America’s top diplomat blamed Russia for helping keep dictator Nicolas Maduro in power.

“He is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela,” Trump said.

“And I feel the same way. We want to get some humanitarian aid. Right now people are starving. They have no water. They have no food,” Trump said, calling it a “very positive conversation.”

President Trump is correct, the crisis in Venezuela hasn’t exactly reached the level of armed combat, with Juan Guaido claiming to be the legitimate president and hoping to gain the support of the nation’s military, things are far too fluid for America to be marching in and setting up shop for the next decade at least.

And of course, President Trump knows that the moment he does, morons such as Pelosi, AOC, Ilhan Omar and, of course, Rachael Maddow will cry “Trump’s putting our children at risk, because he want’s the oil.

At this point Rachael Madcow went off the rails

Maddow pointed out the mixed signals coming from the executive branch, claiming that President Trump-the duly elected commander-in-chief- was preventing unelected bureaucrats such as Bolton and Pompeo from “doing their jobs” of creating conflict and tension with Russia by refusing to blame the country for Venezuela’s crisis.

Now I may be wrong but for the life of me I always thought an advisor… advises, and the President of the United States listens and then makes the final decision?

How many years have wee heard Rachael Maddow and her ilk claim George W. went to war because he did exactly as his advisors wanted. George W. You’re the President start acting like one and make your own decision, instead of Dick Cheney and your warmongering advisors telling you what to do?

But Rachel Madcow’s brain has become so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) she’s willing to openly push for intervention in Venezuela- implicitly invoking the facile motive of seeking to poke Russia as revenge for the Democrats now-debunked Russian collusion Delusion.

We’ve entered a very weird reality when Rachael Madcow is backing the play of John Bolton, over a President who’s doing what he can to prevent America from entering another seemingly endless war.

Maddow spewed:

“Hey, John Bolton, hey, Mike Pompeo, are you guys enjoying your jobs right now?”

“How do you come to work anymore if you’re John Bolton? Right, regardless of what you thought about John Bolton before this, his whole career and his track record, I mean, just think of John Bolton as a human being. This is what John Bolton, human being, thought his job was this week.”

Umm, fine? He’s an advisor to President Donald Trump!

Maybe Madcow needs to reacquaint herself with what an “Advisors” job description because I know for a fact it doesn’t say:

The President of the United States must do what I say 100% of the time or he’ll anger me and I’ll pout, and stay home until he does what I told him to do.

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