How A CNN Poll Lies About Landslide Support For Joe Biden Over Bernie Sanders


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:A recent CNN poll, done by a company called SSRS, shows a landslide lead for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders. The poll conveniently left out voters under 50 years old, however.
  • Reflect On:Is this about getting upset that our favorite candidate is losing? Or being happy that our favorite is winning? Or does this reveal the elephant in the room that we must begin to discuss the world we live in? Our system is rigged.

During the 2016 election the media had you believe that Hillary Clinton was beating Trump so badly in the polls that he had no chance at all. On the other hand, WikiLeaks was releasing information that illustrated Clinton should not be trusted as a politician, never mind as the president of the United States.

Nonetheless, the polls continued to show Clinton was in the lead. Yet online it was a different story. It seemed that whether people had support for Trump or not, they certainly did not have support for Clinton. Did this represent a whole age group or demographic that simply was not showing up in polls? Are polls even accurate? Or are polls used by media stations, who are funded by interests that control political interests running for office, to mislead the public?

Enter 2019, a recent CNN poll claims Joe Biden is well ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for DNC head. Former Vice President of the US Joe Biden holds 39% of the vote for those who were polled, while Sanders only holds 15%.

Now imagine you hear this on the news and you are not one to question these polls. Articles, newspapers and reporters are going to repeat this figure over and over again. What perception will be shared amongst the public? Biden has it in the bag, Sanders has no shot. Right? You may even change who you support or take someone more or less seriously based on these numbers.

The reality is, these numbers are nothing but a misleading lie. This is fake news that again CNN should be held accountable for by organizations that love to watchdog fake news, except they likely won’t, because we all know who owns the watch dogs.

How They Fudged The Numbers

For those that understand how scientific studies are manipulated to show the results needed for drug or vaccine approval, for example, you will notice the same tendencies in this study. Data sets are either dropped or not used so as to massage numbers to produce desired outcomes.

The CNN poll was conducted by research organization SSRS. The biggest, most glaringly obvious challenge was that it had too few respondents in both the 18-34 and 35-49 age cohorts to be deemed statistically significant.

The poll claimed that the sample size was “weighted to reflect national Census figures” for several basic demographics, including age. This was their justification for focusing entirely on a demographic that would likely support Biden or Bernie.

They noted the marker “N/A,” which you will see in the below graphic, represents less than 125 respondents. This states that the sample size is “too small to be projectable to their true values in the population.” Meaning, no accurate data. Just come out and say it.

This poll is in contrast to a Monmouth University poll released on April 23, where the numbers came back as follows:

Sanders: age 18 – 49 = 30%, age 50+ = 10%
Biden: age 18 – 49 = 25%, age 50+ = 28%

Overall for this poll, Biden received 27% as compared to Sanders receiving 20%.

What’s the key difference between the CNN poll and the Monmouth poll? One is a fairly close race while the other is a complete landslide.

SSRS poll showing lack of data from youth vote.

The Takeaway

It’s clear that Bernie resonates better with youth while the older generation mainly resonates with Biden. In general though, Bernie lost respect from the youth after he chose to support Hillary Clinton following the 2016 election where the DNC conspired to pushed Sanders out.

The SSRS poll, combined with CNN’s push for establishment dems, has neatly taken out key data sets or did not even focus on key data sets in order to suggest a much bigger gap than the reality. Again, we’ve already discussed what impact that could have above.

Of course, this isn’t a push to engage yourself in the anger and fight of politics, and to put a flag in the ground of whatever side you are on that states “this isn’t fair! I protest.” Instead, it’s a bigger question of “why are we so ENGAGED in this system to begin with?”

The reality is, people are starting to hear more and more about the finer details and workings of processes they put deep faith in. Elections, polling, mainstream media, and so forth. This is a necessary part of a process we at CE call ‘breaking the illusion.’ It is step 1 in our CE Protocol and it talks about how humans must break the illusion of the reality they think is real before they can truly start to make change. It’s a process of waking up from complete and utter unquestioning faith in the world around us, only to realize there are many factors involved that are meant to pull the wool over our eyes.

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