Five back-to-back 3 round bursts heard over LVMPD police radiowaves after 1 Oct shooter was already dead


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

It appears both state and federal officials have lied to the general public after it has been revealed that nine separate officer-worn body camera recordings from the night of the 1 October shooting contain submachine gunfire on them originating from the Bellagio some 30 minutes after Stephen Paddock was reportedly already deceased.

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A bombshell video published to the John E HoverYouTube channel on Friday reveals submachinegun fire occurring some time after Stephen Paddock was already reported to be dead raising concerns of a massive FBI and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigation coverup as previously reported by Intellihub.

In the video titled Las Vegas Shooting: If Paddock is Dead, Who is Firing These Machine Guns..?? the publisher points out how 9 different officer-worn body cameras from the night of the 1 October shooting reveal what sounds like a small caliber submachinegun, possibly an MP5, firing 5 consecutive back-to-back three round bursts. One after another.

As the video points out, Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel suite door was breached more than thirty minutes prior to the audible submachine gunfire which went out over the radio at 11:59 p.m. which means Paddock’s lifeless body had already been lying on the floor for over a half of an hour at that point.

“Shots fired.” One officer said following the precision bursts of gunfire.

At that very same time, dispatch also reported: “shots fired at the Bellagio.”

We are getting a 459A at the Bellagio,” the dispatcher said. “…a lot of shots being fired.”

One cop can be heard on camera saying: “Oh shit! That’s a machinegun. That’s machinegun fire.”

It was at that point when a number of officers began to converge on the Bellagio where shots may have been fired in the conservatory and then later covered up. Intellihub reported in December of 2017 how Bellagio conservatory camera footage was wiped from the night of the massacre.

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