Congressman Drops Coup Bombshells: ‘America Brought To Brink Of Disaster’ – Warns If Coup Plotters Not Held Accountable, ‘We’re Not Going To Last Much Longer’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

According to Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert as was reported within this May 12th Breitbart story, “America came very close to suffering its first successful coup“. Describing the investigation of Robert Mueller as “an attempt to usurp a duly elected president“, Gohmert’s remarks sting of Democrat and deep state treason.

As Gohmert had told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM radio, “It’s time for Republicans to say, ‘Enough already. You have put this country through hell. You have let these ridiculous allegations that we now see are totally bogus get you the majority in the House.” And while he also argued “we’re going to put people in jail that were part of this. That’s got to happen“, we bring your attention to remarks he also made to Lou Dobbs in the first video at the bottom of this story.

Talking with Dobbs and America about the attempted deep state coup against President Trump, Congressman Gohmert minces no words when he warns that if the people who carried this coup attempt out are not held accountable for their treasonous crimes, ‘America‘ doesn’t have much time left. Then he drops this bombshell shortly after the 3 minute 10 second mark: Republicans in Congress were NOT ALLOWED to hold Democrats accountable for their crimes despite the many committed!

Absolutely confirming what we had reported about just days ago on ANP in this story titled “Evidence Democrats And The MSM Have Embraced Islam’s Principal Of ‘Taqiya’: They Insanely Believe They Can Blatantly Lie To The American People & Are ‘Above The Law Of The Land’!, if Democrats and the ‘corrupted faction of the deep state‘ cannot be held accountable for their crimes, the American people will have absolute proof there is no ‘rule of law‘ in America if it doesn’t apply equally to everybody.

As Congressman Goehmert warns Dobbs, the very future of America as a ‘nation of laws‘ is at stake.

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Congressman Goehmert also warns that current FBI Director Christopher Wray is continuing to cover up deep state crimes and the very real coup attempt against President Trump and America, just as President Trump recently tweeted in the tweets seen screenshot below. Will deep state heads finally roll? Goehmert also warns this coup attempt likely stretched right to Barack Obama who he claims likely set this entire thing in motion. (And if anybody really believes Hillary Clinton isn’t guilty, too, you’re not paying attention.)

So with the head of the FBI “protecting the same gang…that tried to…overthrow the President through an illegal coup” according to President Trump himself, and the deep state proven to be hugely Democrats who could obviously care less about ‘the rule of law‘ because they helped launch or carry out this treasonous coup themselves, does anybody really believe the American people will see justice before the Democrats have a chance to steal the 2020 election and ‘put America to bed‘ for good?

As CCN reported within this April story, according to former CIA analyst John Gentry, once Barack Obama found out about the political aspirations of Donald Trump, he actually weaponized the deep state to take Trump down. From CCN.

Former CIA analyst John Gentry published a scathing attack on the alleged anti-Trump deep state, claiming American intelligence institutions have been overrun by Democrats – many of whom were handpicked by Barack Obama.

Gentry suggests that traditional safeguards to stop political weaponization of the intelligence community were bypassed by Obama during his first term. It’s illegal to ask job applicants their political affiliation when joining U.S intelligence agencies, but Gentry says Obama got around this obstacle by hiring from liberal-leaning demographic groups.

Now over 10 years later, the fruits of Obama’s labor can be seen in the swathe of senior intelligence officials who were rapidly mobilized to strike the moment Donald Trump was identified as a political threat.

Gentry, who worked at the CIA for over 12 years, said there was ample evidence to suggest American intelligence communities are biased towards the left wing of the political spectrum.

Their story continued with a warning from Gentry that the very integrity of long-standing US institutions is now at stake due to the deep state’s obvious hatred of President Trump, with all of this pointing directly at Barack Obama. 

The former analyst points to the near-universal criticism of Donald Trump by retired intelligence officials during the 2016 election. Gentry notes that this is unprecedented in American history, and threatens to kill the integrity of U.S institutions.

He wrote: “The attacks on Trump were unprecedented for intelligence officers in their substance, tone, and volume. Critics went far beyond trying to correct Trump’s misstatements about U.S. intelligence; they attacked him as a human being… For senior former intelligence officials to make such blatantly partisan statements is unprecedented.”

Gentry says an in-depth investigation is needed before the intelligence community loses the ability to effectively carry out its core objectives.


Numerous former intelligence officials have already come out in support of John Gentry, with former CIA operations officer Charles Faddis stating:

“Do I think we have seen senior CIA officers guilty of using their positions to favor the Democratic Party? Beyond a doubt, and I’m not sure they’re all former officers.”

The former White House National Security Council intelligence director, Kenneth deGraffenreid, also said Gentry’s analysis confirms what he’d witnessed in the corridors of power for years now.

Mr. deGraffenreid said:

“[This] confirms what those of us who have been working for intelligence reform have observed on a daily basis. It will not be easy to fix this corruption of intelligence but it can begin by restricting the IC to the gathering and interpretation of foreign secrets.”

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