‘Chemotherapy is Too Profitable for Big Pharma’ Say Supporters of Cancer ‘Cures’


from Sputnik News:

In November businessman David Noakes was jailed for supplying an unlicensed medicine to thousands of cancer sufferers. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mr Noakes after his release from prison, he said Big Pharma is involved in a conspiracy to block alternative cancer treatments.

David Noakes claims cancer has already been “cured” but the US$200 billion market for chemotherapy drugs is just too profitable for the world’s big pharmaceutical companies to allow it to become public knowledge.

Mr Noakes said: “If GcMAF [Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor] was introduced in the NHS it would save 120,000 lives a year. We used it to save 75 percent of people who had stage four cancer. But Big Pharma don’t want to cure cancer. It’s just too profitable.”

It is possibly the most sensational claim ever made and if true it would be a conspiracy theory on the scale of a Hollywood thriller, but Mr Noakes is not alone in believing it.

Carl Hardman, who has run Earth Foods in Bournemouth since 1973, said GcMAF was one of a handful of alternative homeopathic cancer cures which were being trashed by the medical establishment.

Is Big Pharma Blocking Alternative Cancer Cures?

He said Big Pharma was determined they would not challenge the dominance of chemotherapy, which he claimed was a failed solution with terrible side effects.

Carl Hardman, pictured outside his health food shop in Bournemouth, England, says Big Pharma is involved in a conspiracy
Carl Hardman, pictured outside his health food shop in Bournemouth, England, says Big Pharma is involved in a conspiracy

Mr Hardman said: “It’s all about money to them. Every disease is just another millionaire.”

On the internet and on social media there are many websites and accounts promoting GcMAF and alleging a vast medical conspiracy.

So what is GcMAF?

Globulin Component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) is a naturally occurring safe, human protein which is found inside five billion people on the planet.

Mr Noakes said: “If you have cancer or 50 other diseases, those diseases can block the production of your GcMAF so they can expand, and if it’s cancer you will die of it.”

He said by adding GcMAF back into the system of cancer patients, it enabled them to fight their tumours again.

Mr Noakes said: “A lot of people have suspected that the cure to cancer was in the body itself, and it was.”

He said: “In the final clinic, the last one they shut down, we were saving 89 percent of people with stage fours. Each year we got better and if it was put in the NHS and monitored by doctors and improved we might completely eradicate cancer with GcMAF.”

US Cancer Patient Says She Owes Her Life to GcMAF

Teri Davis Newman, who lives in Illinois, said she was diagnosed with high grade serious carcinoma ovarian cancer and high-grade papillary carcinoma uterine cancer in 2016 and was determined not to take chemotherapy, but to research alternatives.

Ms Newman said: “My sister died of the same cancer 90 days before I was diagnosed. She went the chemo route and they killed her in 11 months, diagnosis to grave. She died from the chemo, not the cancer. She died of a ruptured oesophagus brought on by chemo-induced vomiting and bled to death in front of both of my elderly parents who are in their 80s.”

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