ABC: New law will allow dentists to vaccinate patients


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

Thanks to the passing of House Bill 2220, beginning next year dentists in Oregon will be allowed to give their patients immunizations, from the MMR to HPV, should the patients request them. The law passed almost unanimously and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown in the next day or two.

“Oregon health officials have been working on this since before the recent nationwide measles outbreak. This law expands that and will allow dentists to be able to give both children and adults vaccines. Other states allow dentists to give flu shots, but not all vaccinations.

wo weeks from now, the group will meet with the Oregon Board of Dentistry to start establishing training rules and protocols for dentists.”1

Remember, Oregon is in full fear-mongering mode and has recently moved to remove vaccine exemptions.

We imagine the thought is that many dentists already have longstanding relationships with their patients so it’s just another service from a trusted medical professional. But it also seems a little like this is the first step in requiring people to be immunized in order to be seen by a dentist. 

“Only licensed dentists will be authorized to administer vaccines after a certification process. The Oregon Health Authority will also work with dentists to adopt rules to help them file the vaccination reports into the state immunizations registry.”1

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