What If Almost ALL You’ve Been Told About Cancer IS A LIE?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I wish to preface the linked article with a very strong caution — this is one story, one person.  It statistically demonstrates nothing.  Further, the plural of anecdote is not “data”.  But, with that said….

So the period of unknown started in the 3rd week of January 2017 and included the above three items every day (7 days per week) and the canine medicine (1 GRAM PER DAY FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS) per week.  Take 4 days off and repeat each week.  Each gram of Panacur C has approximately 222 mg of fenbendazole, in case you are trying a different branded product.

This is a guy who had small-cell lung cancer — a particularly nasty form of cancer that usually kills the people who get it, even with extremely aggressive treatment.  Even in “Stage 1” your odds of 5 year survival is only 31%.  Beyond that it sucks.  And what’s worse is that the median survival time, assuming it’s “limited” when found (that is, not known to have metastasized) is only 12-16 months.  It is the most-aggressive form of lung cancer and is nearly-always associated with smoking.  In this particular individual’s case they already knew it had spread — specifically, to the lymph nodes, which is the usual first place it goes.

After they hit him with the usual regime of chemo + radiation they knocked the primary tumor out, but unfortunately, as is usually the case, that wasn’t good enough as it had spread almost-literally everywhere.  Again, this is the usual pattern with this particular cancer and why it’s such a bitch — they can’t just go in there and cut it out of you because there’s not just one place to go get it.  It’s everywhere.  They gave the dude a few months to live.

He was enrolled in an experimental treatment (common in that situation because you have nothing to lose) but then did something very unorthodox — he tried using a veterinary medicine without telling his oncologist, along with a bunch of supporting items (e.g. vitamins, etc.)  What prompted him to do it was a veterinarian that had run into an unexpected “side effect” of a common de-worming medication — one that’s off-patent and available for a few bucks a day’s worth of dose.

As it turns out the story this guy relates is backed up by at least one known study I can find.  That particular study had to come from a previous event, and that previous event was, of course, prior to this study.  As it turns out that particular compound has also had at least some toxicity and safety studies done on humans.

Now the nasty — it appears that oncologists have known since the 1980s and 1990s that this class of drugs have anti-cancer properties.  They never followed it up.  The reason is hard to determine with certainty but the obvious facts are that (1) these compounds are easily synthesized — they’re not complex molecules at all and (2) they’re all off-patent, having long been used for veterinary purposes and so far beyond their “exploit by” dates that nobody can make billions of dollars off of them.  This in turn means there’s no magical money tree if you get the combination that works; you will make a decent profit selling a decent product to people, but no windfall.

I have two dead family members from cancer.  One, my mother, died at a ripe old age and, as I’ve related here before had one bad week before she passed.  Yes, technically cancer “got her” but when you get into your late 80s something’s going to kill you eventually and as such I don’t really charge this one “to” anyone or anything.

The other, however, was my nephew — he died in his early 20s from leukemia; unlike most people who get it originally he didn’t get it as a young child — he got it as a late teen.  He thought he had it beaten and then it came back and killed him.

Virtually everyone knows somebody either in their own family or among friends who has had cancer.  It’s part of life and a huge set of risk factors include smoking, gross obesity and alcohol abuse.  But like so many things in this nation and indeed worldwide so much of the human condition has been turned into a theft fest by our government and “preferred” industries, in this case the medical and pharmaceutical industries, through flat-out extortion, rabidly illegal price-fixing and general fraud of all sorts.

Why is this industry and why is our government still around with this record — at all?

They literally shovel people into the hole and intentionally ignore paths that are accidentally discovered which could lead to positive outcomes at very low — near zero, in fact — cost.  Instead they proceed universally on paths they think might work (1 in 1,000) where the “path” costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year per person.

Witness things like insulin — which doubled in cost from 2012-2016, tripled in the last decade and increased in price by 400-500% or more since the late 1990s. Not a single thing has changed about the drug itself; insulin was discovered a hundred years ago!

As just one example millions of Americans are bilked out of billions collectively every year on prescription drugs.  They pay $10 or $20 insurance co-pays on generics that cost $2 or 3 for the prescription on a cash basisthe pharmacy is neither required to post said prices or tell the customer that if they don’t use their “insurance” they can buy the drug on a cash basis for $3, either there or at the local WalMart!  Worse up until last year there were “gag clauses” in insurance contracts that banned pharmacies from telling you that you were getting screwed. The gag clauses were banned in late 2018 but there is still no no requirement to post a price and therefore a huge percentage of people still do not know this crap is going on even though a formal gag is now illegal.  While banning formal gags is good it doesn’t matter without mandatory posting of cash prices because a significant percentage of pharmacies are either owned by PBMs (e.g. CVS) or the PBMs operate mail-order pharmacies that keep the bilked funds; unless they’re forced to give you a cash price before asking if you’re covered by insurance and your alleged co-pay, along with clear posting of cash prices for every drug that apply equally to everyone they have no incentive to do so.

This should have drawn an immediate federal felony prosecution under 15 USC Chapter 1 when the first such clause came to be known to exist as it is clear and blatant price-fixing by collusive means, and a criminal federal Racketeering and fraud prosecution should have been immediately filed against every single pharmacist, pharmacy company and insurance firm involved in same.


I caught these bastards ripping off my late mother, who had a Medicare Advantage plan prior to her death, in this fashion a couple of years ago.  Every one of those **********s should be in prison; they’re robbing Seniors out of billions a year.

That is just one of the many outrageous schemes.

You are literally robbed to the tune of roughly $10,000 per year, per man, woman and child in this country as a result of these outrageously abusive schemes.  By the time your newborn child reaches 18 years of age they have accumulated nearly $200,000 worth of financial damage that you, as their parent(s), not only allow but cheered on and gave legitimacy to.  There would be no federal debt whatsoever if this had been stopped just 20 years ago and if we stopped it today we would start clearing said debt at a rate of nearly a trillion dollars a year.  Your cost of living would go down by about 15% immediately and the value of your saved money would go up by a few percent a year even if you earned no interest or capital gains of any sort.  Those who had taken on a crazy amount of debt would be instantly bankrupted but that’s good, not bad, because you could buy that bankrupt store, company or other entity’s means of production for pennies and start making goods and services with a cost structure a fraction of the former firm’s; you’d out-compete them all and get rich the hard way — by working for it through honest labor, whether with your hands or mind.

We have as citizens of this nation allowed the infestation in DC and our so-called “medical system” that makes this scam possible and in fact keep demanding that it grow bigger by the day.  These people are not only parasitic they kill their hosts — that’s you — by the millions and bankrupt millions more.  They do not give a flying **** about anyone — not you, not your family, nobody, as they themselves pass laws that exempt them from the potential costs should these bad things happen to them.  They accept the risk of death but never the bankruptcy; not one member of the House or Senate has to buy their own health “insurance” or “health care” although they try to “claim” they do.  In fact Congress instantly gamed Obamacare after it was passed to exempt its members and staff and, for those who choose an Obamacare policy instead of said gaming (some do) they get 75% of the premiums paid out of your pocket for the policy they choose at a “Gold” level.  NOT ONE CONGRESSPERSON PAYS FOR THEIR OWN POLICY and their access to your wallet for that continues after they lose in an election or retire; the only way they can lose eligibility is to be convicted of a felony while in office.  The same is true for every state house and senate member and governor, incidentally, although the specific mechanism differs from state to state.  In addition all current Congressvermin get their dental care on an outpatient basis from military facilities at no charge.

Matt Gaetz lied to my face in a town hall meeting full of roughly 150 Senior Citizens when in response to my question about 15 USC Ch 1 and the medicine he said anti-trust does not apply to the medical and related health insurance industries.  I nailed him in response to that lie with the two Supreme Court cases that say otherwise in rebuttal and he lied again to both me and the rest of the room claiming they were exempt — he did promise to “research that and get back to me” when I handed him my card with the USSC case number cites on the back. He never did contact me and has also never publicly retracted that lie nor referenced our exchange in any of his regular emailed letters to constituents, despite my living in his district.  His father, I remind you, was on the board of a company that got tagged for fraud but he, of course, claimed “not to know about it” and escaped all liability despite having a fiduciary duty to know.  As the “reward” for this among his family (his father was term-limited out of the Florida Senate) he sits in the US House of Scams and Frauds and the voters in my district cheer him on because he’s a “Conservative.

Never mind Rick Scott (now in the US Senate for Florida) who admitted that if you just got rid of the fraud and unjustified “care” (which has no benefit and might harm you) spending would go down by 50%.

I remind you once again that Senator Scott is the former CEO of a health company and here it is admitting that half of the spending — all of which you pay for — is either fraudulent or unnecessary.

You pay for all of this bull****.

You allow this “business model” to continue to exist.

You do it even though it is known and documented that fully one-third of all physicians admit to robbing their patients and employers on a daily basis by “upcoding”; that is, these so-called paragons of virtue with white lab coats steal billions of dollars every year, they admit it, and you sit on your ass and cheer them on!

You even allow your “insurance” to be billed and pay for things that never happened!  Yes, some raise Hell and eventually the providers involved slink away into the ether but not one person I know of has forced via any means, legal or otherwise, the people who ripped them off to go to prison or the gallows even when the proof of their actions is irrefutable (e.g. being billed twice for the same thing or being billed for things that never occurred or were provided at all.)

You sit still and swill beer even though in that above link CATO has shown and the former CEO of a health firm has admitted that fully one half of all “medical spending” is either fraudulent or unnecessary.  That’s before we get into the price-fixing, monopolization and other felonious behavior!  I have repeatedly, for more than a decade — in these pages, in Leverage and in fact going back to the 1990s when I ran MCSNet, pointed out that this fraud and abuse is the greatest theft and scam ever in the history of mankind and if it is not stopped it will destroy our nation, our economy and our way of life.

It is not at all unreasonable to expect that the cost of actual medical care should be 1/5th of what is spent today; indeed, that’s about what it was, as a piece of the total economy, before this bull**** all cranked up and at the time we had damn good health care in the US.

I have been to a meeting with multiple Senate staffers around a big table in DC several years ago where they all admitted that my math on this “industry”, along with Medicate blowing up the budget, was accurate and that they knew damn well what was going to happen.  They also, to an individual, refused to do anything about it because they are afraid of losing their cushy jobs and exemption from being bankrupted personally if they do.

Donald Trump promised to stop this with no less than three bullet points on his campaign web site.  I literally watched them disappear in real time the night of the election when he won and they have not been seen since.  The Democrats running for 2020, to an individual, have all promised not only to deepen the scam further but to bankrupt you to pay for it on an even more-serious basis than is going on now with their “Medicare for all” and similar policy prescriptions.  NOT ONE of them has or will go after the massive fraud that would all on its own take half off the cost for every single family in the United States and that is without attacking any of the racketeering or price fixing.  Do both and there would be no need for “health insurance” with the exception of low-cost catastrophic, optional policies.

Every time CMS (the Medicare trustees) have tried to use regulatory rule-making power to rein in some small part of this scam and scheme Congress has stepped in to protect it.  I can cite multiple instances.

But this does not just go to cost issues.  It also goes to death.

Death comes to all of us.  It’s part of being alive and impossible to avoid.  It’s also one of the primal fears that all humans have.  Even a fetus tries to avoid death when being aborted.  Exploitation of that fear to bilk the American consumer out of three trillion dollars a year is the greatest criminal enterprise ever designed, promoted and executed against anyone, ever in history.

Those who are part and parcel to this, which includes the entire US medical and pharmaceutical system along with every single member of Congress and the Executive are criminals who all deserve to get what they serve up on the rest of us.

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