ULTRA-SOS: 5G Roll-out Seriously Endangers Every Person on Planet Earth


from State Of The Nation:

5G is so dangerous and unsafe
and harmful to human life,
people will be dropping like flies
and not know why!”

— Board Certified Integrative Health Consultant

Truly, it does not get more serious than the ongoing 5G roll-out across America.

And, yet, getting people to pay attention to this exceedingly critical public health disaster and environmental catastrophe has been quite difficult.

The bottom line is this: If 5G is not terminated post-haste, it will be virtually impossible to reverse.

With this crucial understanding, every reader ought to do their level best to inform their fellow citizens.  You can start by circulating this excellent video; perhaps the best ever produced on the upcoming 5G ‘EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT’.

5G WEAPONRY: Microwave Radiation Technology Being Deployed as Depopulation Warfare, Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Human Control (Video)

Now that we have your attention, let’s take a look at one prong of a multi-pronged strategy that’s being actively developed — WITH YOUR INPUT — to terminate the 5G roll-out in the USA.

For those who still need more convincing, please consider the following three in-depth articles on the 5G depop conspiracy.

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But why are the power elite and their Deep State lackeys and corporate shills so determined to roll-out 5G without any safety testing whatsoever and prior to receiving the mandated public feedback?

The Internet of Things potentially connects every device and “thing” that possesses the requisite level of technology.  Such an IT control mechanism permits the intrusion of government and corporations into our lives to an unparalleled and unacceptable degree.  Hence, the IoT will effectively function as a massive monitoring platform that has no limits.

Because only after they flip the switch on 5G will the ‘all-important’ Internet of Things(IoT) be viable.  The current 4G paradigm simply cannot support the planned IoT as the power generation is far too low.

This fact alone is the major driving force behind the truly insane 5G roll-out.  Were the promoters of this national catastrophe-in-the-making to understand the profoundly perilous and far-reaching repercussions they would abort the 5G deployment if only to save their own lives.

Yes, 5G is really that scary… and more.  Hence, we have designed what we feel is the compulsory “Florida Strategy”.

The Florida Strategy

Because of the highly contentious 2020 election cycle, the basic strategy to shut down the 5G roll-out is to use the battleground state of Florida as ground zero.

There are several reasons why Florida was chosen for this urgent 5G-busting project.  First and foremost there is this little, yet highly, potent factoid:

*Every POTUS candidate on every side of the political spectrum knows that whoever wins Florida sits in the Oval Office.  Florida’s 29 electoral votes are that vital to any presidential candidate.

Therefore, the immediate and primary purpose of this statewide endeavor is to make 5G the biggest campaign issue of this election cycle…and in every race—federal and state, city and county.

But why Florida—really?

Because many people move here to have fun in the sun and get healthy and enjoy a wholesome retirement.   Were they to realize that 5G will wreck their retirement like there’s no tomorrow, they will rebel and especially AT THE BALLOT BOX.

In order to foment this “Residents Revolution” against the Big Telcom, the political establishment and the 5G vested interests, our game plan is to force each and every candidate, at every level, to take a firm position for or against the illegal deployment of 5G.

This strategy will especially be used to push every POTUS candidate into their respective 5G corner.  Each candidate will be given the opportunity to show that they are either with the Anti-5G Movement or against us.

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