by Joaquin Miguel Balassa, guest post SGT Report:

The Patriot’s Call for Today!

As it was in their own day, our Washington, & Jefferson, knew the sounds

That we all gather to today, with love of our God, Who so blessed our earth,

We are all called to arms, for we know our love of country, without bounds,

To this sound, we quietly and steadily march, hallowed streets of our birth

As we bring to those who’ve so callously betrayed our trust, those Holy grounds

Lauding merits of our resolve, viewed by what’s stolen from our children’s worth,

It’s time we seek to remedy in noble causes, what lies in justice, truly abounds!

To unfurl what God renews, our struggle begins in Light, and in knowing Truth

Arm in arm, each heart is born in another: for we’ll unite, standing all together

Because stronger as One, our love for each other, is stronger than all their hate,

And if we will only but see this through, then it’s true, we will win, and weather

More than all they can muster, for even in their bluster, we still hold the gate,

Open, it leads us to what freedom saved, when we awoke, & grabbed our leather

To strike a certain blow for freedoms sake, it is right on time, and never too late

To answer the Patriot’s call today, in arising to fulfill our shared dreams promise,

When We the People fight for what’s true today, not false promises, at a later date

After the corrupted stealthily stole, taking our real value and replacing it with debt,

Then telling us that all the blood of ours that they had spilled, had no true meaning,

We sweat from weeping, while elitist classes clink their glasses, filled with our tears,

And though we support these classless asses, they treat us with airs, so demeaning

And to top it all off, our stolen babies cry out, blood of the innocents, they’ll regret

When we round them up and make them pay, though not in cold blood screaming

Like they, but instead, we’ll make them look at the loss in them, voided by their bet

Locking them up, where they can sup on each other, their own blood, now streaming

For We in Our Time, Will Also Know


The conditions that will cause the people to march for freedom, make

Secretive cabals of tyrants quiver, as our arrows point which knees bow

Before the People’s might: united we make enemies of freedom quake!

If they challenge our resolve: our Light will send their darkness down low

As we grow beyond any uncertainty: Our Truth will be plainly spoken

When those liars confuse, we move beyond, beyond a corruption bereft

Of any notion that our country’s worth saving, with a fealty that’s token,

Denying that conservatism is to simply preserve, not to destroy what’s left

So our challenge still remains, that true patriot’s must deny their platitudes

In its empty weight, of seemingly hollow collectives, parroting out in chorus

Serves no useful purpose other than to demonstrate their reckless attitudes

All of which contains too many false arguments, that are so clearly porous

When instead, we should all be dreaming of a better world, a better nature

That could have inspired, the Left has now instead mired us in endless division

Where those socialist liars in their echo chambers, lacking a Blessed Purpose,

Cannot see their future denies God’s Sovereignty, with its opaque, dark vision

I’m not alone in saying, there’s a collective experience we Americans all share:

The pride of our care, a pride that’s grounded in our Rights, & our Constitution,

Guided by Our Lord, Who inspired it; we’re baffled, that these traitors now dare

With their hate, to try and destroy, what the People would create for our solution

We, the Patriot’s, will persevere, no matter how many the enemies of God delude

For in our Light, the Light Above, we will fight for Freedom’s Cause: to gladly cherish

Commandments which are our Guiding Light, a Light that’s God, will faithfully include

All those we touch with our lives: a shared out Heart, Light in Us, that’ll never perish