NY extends mandatory measles vaccine order (or face imprisonment and 1k fine) until further notice


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

On Wednesday the New York City Board of Health unanimously voted to extend what they are calling a “public health emergency” in parts of Brooklyn, due to the continuing (perhaps due to the actual MMR vaccine itself) “measles outbreak.”

“The mandate, which was first implemented last week, orders that residents in the neighborhood of Williamsburg aged 6 months or older get vaccinated for the disease or face a fine of $1,000. The order was extended until officials declare the outbreak is over.”1

Although Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot said the order wasn’t issued just to fine people, you will be fined if you don’t get the MMR vaccine. No, Barbot said the fine is to stress the urgency of getting vaccinated and to reassure people that the vaccine is safe. And NOTHING says “safe” like “Take it or risk a fine and jail!” 

(To date, over 300 people have come down with the measles since October and no one has died. In fact, no one has died from the measles in this country in many years.)

This week, a group of Brooklyn parents filed a lawsuit against the city over the emergency order, we will continue to watch that and update you when we have more information.


Last week, de Blasio said, “The more I’m hearing, the more I realize it’s a really small group of strong anti-vaccination voices that convinced a number of parents of something that is factually wrong. We will beat them.”1

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