Federal Judge Orders the Torture of Chelsea Manning – U.S. Violates Human Rights


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

One of the most ruthless and unconstitutional powers federal judges have is to throw people into contempt until they break. The press NEVER reports the truth about the US legal system; they ALWAYS defend the government no matter what. They love to throw you into solitary confinement where the vast majority of prisoners commit suicide. It takes a strong mind and an even stronger will to stand up to judges who have not a shred of humanity in their souls if they even have one still remaining. In my case, Judge Richard Owen kept joking about a Steven Schiffer who never appealed what he did to him, saying he was never over-ruled. When he kept making jokes about this fellow, I asked my lawyer, “Who was Schiffer?” They said you don’t want to know. I said, “Tell me!” Judge Owen took all his lawyers away, mentally tortured Schiffer, and he committed suicide. This judge thought it was funny.

Former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning is jailed also on pretend powers of contempt that are against every principle of liberty ever dreamed of by the Founding Fathers of the American Constitution. Courts have usurped this power of contempt under the theory that English judges had that power in common law. It is totally inconsistent with the fact that we had a revolution against such tyranny. Insult a judge and you go to jail. You must address him as “your honor,” pretending he is honorable when he does not even respect human rights.

US district judge Claude M. Hilton threw Chelsea Manning into solitary confinement, which is TORTURE, for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks. Chelsea Manning was thrown into a dark cell of solitary confinement where they can make the conditions so hot that wearing even underwear is too much, or so cold that you can see your breath. Judges always rule in their own self-interest of power that this is not torture like waterboarding. If they do not leave a mark on your body, they conveniently claim this is not torturing a person. Any normal person would consider torture to be (1) the action or practice of inflicting severe pain, mental or bodily, on someone as a punishment, (2) to force them to do or say something, or (3) for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain. Webster’s dictionary defines torture as:


Judge Hilton threw Chelsea Manning in contempt of court and ordered her jailed, yet she confirmed she has no intention of testifying based upon her political beliefs that should be protected by the First Amendment. She told the judge she “will accept whatever you bring upon me.”

Manning has refused to testify because she objects to the secrecy of the grand jury process, and already revealed everything she knows at her court-martial. Nevertheless, this judge said she will remain jailed in his torture chamber of horrors until she testifies or until the grand jury concludes its work, which could be years.

Manning turned over a vast trove of military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks and it shows how the government violated the fundamental law of humanity and constantly lies to the people. WikiLeaks made those documents that exposed illegal activities public back in 2010. Chelsea served seven years of a 35-year military sentence and was freed after former President Barack Obama commuted her sentence. I have to admit that perhaps the only thing I find agreement with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the fact that she is calling for the release of whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who has been in solitary confinement for 26 days after refusing to testify before a grand jury. She has stated the Manning’s current imprisonment was “torture,” and that the former Army intelligence analyst should be released on bail.

The point of this whole exercise is the judge can simply claim he does not believe you. You are notentitled to a trial by jury because they also claim they are not “punishing” you for a crime, they are “coercing” you and therefore since they do not call it a “crime” you have no constitutional rights to a trial by jury. They can keep you there until you die under the pretense it is coercion and not punishment.

In my case, not only did the court refuse to give me a list of what I was to turn over, but the judge put me in prison to stop the trial. After 20 years, part of the nearly $3 million in coins I could not find was bought by a dealer in Philadelphia for $6,000 cash. That dealer then stuck them in a safe deposit box and tried to sell them with the help of an auction house in Texas. Under the law of contempt, the person is supposed to refuse to do something. When I asked for a list of what it was I was supposed to do, they said they would take photos of what they had and I could tell them what was missing to regain my own freedom.

Of course, the court never provided any photographs. My case illustrates just how contempt powers can be abused for political purposes. I was never provided any specific order on January 14th, 2000, they never said, “Do this and you will be released.” It is not whether Chelsea Manning even has anything. She objects to the secrecy of the entire proceeding and could be thrown in prison until she dies. And this is a country that criticizes China for human rights violations?

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