Call Up The Unorganized Militia


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

So Mexico and other nations want to flood our borders with 100,000 invaders a month?

We had a problem with invaders once before.  The British.  We expelled them.  And we didn’t do it with an organized military either; we used The Minutemen, which incidentally is a huge part of why the 2nd Amendment exists.

It’s called the unorganized militia and it’s the best and last line of defense a nation has.  It’s steeped in our blood — literally, the blood of those who gave us this nation.  It still exists.  It is comprised of all able-bodied men with their own arms and ammunition.

The President, as Commander in Chief, can call upon the unorganized militia to defend the border.  This does not violate Posse Comitatus because that specifically names the Army and Air Force and the unorganized militia is neither.

All nations have the absolute right to put down by force an invasion.  What we have here is an invasion.  It is suborned by a so-called “friendly trading partner”, Mexico, which has its nationals providing transportation, food and shelter to the invaders and yet those people are not being arrested.  Said action is illegal in Mexico yet Mexican law enforcement and the nation’s government are intentionally ignoring said crimes.  Said nation is permitting, explicitly, the invasion of their borders from these other Central American nations.  They are doing so because those people intend to transit and not remain in Mexico.

Congress — both parties — want these invaders here.  They want them here because they have destroyed the incentive for American citizens to create children and in fact have made that an idiotic proposition.  Women have responded by having fewer and fewer babies and thus now the ponzi of debt-finance is threatened.  The problem is that those who are coming in are unskilled and have no love of representative government whatsoever; they are coming here for the free handouts, not to work and pay taxes.  The common scheme of Congress is both mathematically and ethically corrupt and they know it but do not care.

We are just a few short years — less than six — from Medicare being unable to fund 75% of its spending.  When that happens the only choices are to either kill a huge percentage of those over the age of 65 by denying them medical care and drugs or instantly double the federal deficit on a permanent, perpetual basis.  Congress will do the second but the market won’t sit for that; it will mark the start of our descent into Venezuela territory with extreme inflation and destruction of the standard of living for all.  Those who have the least will get screwed the worst but everyone will get screwed.

The answer is to break the medical monopolies — all of them — and collapse the cost of medical care by 80%.  We can do it now.  It will result in a severe economic dislocation but it will be over quickly and the nation will come out far stronger for having done it.

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