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Drag queen with multiple aliases was convicted of child sex crimes

Investigators with MassResistance Houston claim they have uncovered the criminal record of yet another Drag Queen Story Hour participant revealing a history of child sex crimes.

According to the investigation by MassResistance, which compiled records, a Houstonian by the name of William Travis Dees was incarcerated and listed as a high risk sex offender in 2004 after he abused multiple children.

Dees is now a member of the Space City Sisters, the group claims, a drag queen organization which conducts Drag Queen Story Hour for children at the Houston Public Library.

After months of investigation, MassResistance said they have been able to identify Dees as a Space City Sister who has multiple aliases.

Mass Resistance organized at the Eleanor K. Freed Montrose Library Thursday for a press conference:

Following extensive research MassResistance issued a report they say exposes Dees in yet another Drag Queen Story Hour horror story.

Their report is presented below:


This is Elizabeth Anne Davidson/  aka Liz Davidson/ aka Liza Lot/ aka Sister Jeff / aka William Travis Dees.

(Image source:

This photo is from an article that he wrote about his experience as a transgender dominatrix for hire, a trans prostitute and trans adult sex film worker.   

This is William’s Instagram page where he goes by the name Liza Lott, a drag stage name that he uses.

William Dees is a Space City Sister that goes by the name of “Sister Jeff”. Space city Sisters are the Houston Chapter of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Here he is at the library where he was invited by library staff to be part of a team of organizers who greeted children at the library:  The library invited the Space City Sisters to greet kids and “make them feel safe” as they came to Drag Queen Story Hour…oh the irony.  Here is a link to a space city sister revealing the library reached out to them.

In the Instagram post below, Space City Sisters posts that they “had an amazing time helping the children feel welcomed and assuring them past ‘hate groups’ to Drag Queen Story Hour. 

January 2019 DQST with Liza Lott, aka Sister Jeff, aka Elizabeth Davidson, aka William Travis Dees

October 2018 Drag Queen Story Time

DQST with Sister Jeff in the front center.

Above: “Sister Jeff” at DQSH, Jan 2019.- “Sister Jeff” is wearing a blue, pink and white wig (?) and a purple shaw. 

Liza Lott is also involved with HATCH Youth, a program for LGBTQ youth ages 6 and up:

It was on Liza Lott’s Instagram page that he posted information leading to the discovery of the legal name, William Travis Dees.

A combination of posts he shared of texts messages from his mother and a photo of prescriptions drugs he was prescribed for gender transition provided enough detail to verify his identity and run a background check. In one post, his mother calls him “William”.  We then looked at the family associated with the name William Travis Dees (which had been associated with data such as address and phone number for his alias Elizabeth Davidson) and found his picture posted in his family’s social media confirming for us that he was in fact the William Travis Dees.

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