Back To Business As Normal? Gold & Silver Start The Week Under “Selling” Pressure


from Silver Doctors:

SD Outlook: Looks like it’s back to business for the economy & the markets. Great news for those who need a little extra time to prepare for the collapse…

Short and simple today.

Not that I’m one to offer excuses, but we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you the very best and most important gold, silver & finance news!

So in a lot of ways, it’s “back to business” week.

But is it?

Assange has been arrested is a free man, there has been no draining of the swamp the swamp has been drained, and America has not been made great again, and America has been made great again.


So is it back to business this week?

Are things more likely to move towards normal?

Or does the grind continue towards a market crash and the economic collapse?

If the grind does continue, and I think it does, well then, whether a prepper, a stacker, or just plain smart, this means we have a little extra time to prepare.

We also have price on our side as well.

I mean, check out silver at $14.80:

I think we may very well see pressure all week, mostly so Trump can take a victory lap with new all-time highs in the stock market, right before max pain is brought to America.

We’ll see.

Because when I say “back to business”, we see that is the case:

Thursday and Friday’s events are more or less the same with the combo of both government liesstatistics all the other market-manipulative cheerleading.

Check out the gold-to-silver ratio on a weekly chart:

That is an absolutely amazing opportunity for gold & silver investors right looking to really leverage their long-term holdings.

Of course, it looks like that because gold has been clinging to $1300:

Though the cartel is doing their darnedest to paint another lower-low on the daily chart, and it looks like they will succeed.

They have already succeeded in painting a lower-low with silver:

Granted, when you are the single most important thing to the entire global financial system, as is silver, then of course they’re gonna bring it every chance they get, that is, for as long at the cartel is in control.

Palladium is still banging around $1300 and $1400:

We could see a further move lower if I’m right about that bear wedge.

If the metals are coming under pressure this week, platinum will likely have a problems re-taking $900:

Granted, any pullback will help platinum’s technicals turn more neutral.

All things considered, I’m not looking for the metals to stay down for long.

Fourteen dollar silver?

In 2019?


Copper, however, is still consolidating at $2.90:

I think we continue with long consolidation until platinum and crude oil break-out to the upside.

Granted, I’m looking for crude oil to first come down and test that 200-day moving average:

That said, after crude oil does pull-back, I think the next break-out could be more substantial than just the tight daily price action we’ve seen pretty much all year.

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