America’s Super-Vaccination Agenda is put on Super Steroids—Why now?


from State Of The Nation:

“It’s all fake; it’s all staged to compel vaccine compliance!”

“It’s all fake; it’s all staged to compel vaccine compliance!  Every one of the recent measles outbreaks is the result of weaponized human carriers.  Most of these illegal alien bio-weapons were deliberately transported across the Mexican border not knowing they were carriers.  Then they are directed by their stateside handlers toward various sanctuary cities and states that are targeted for an engineered outbreak.  This is how the globalists always trigger epidemics and pandemics in order to corral the masses into the pen of vaccine compliance.  The worldwide super-vaccination agenda schedule is a critical part of the social engineering process being implemented across the USA by covert agents of Cultural Marxism.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

There you have it in a nutshell.  Now let’s paraphrase it:

The sheer mania revolving around measles today is being purposefully manufactured across America with the explicit intention to coerce parental compliance with the utterly cruel, dangerous and inhumane childhood vaccination schedules.

Every parent ought to re-read the preceding paragraph as many times as it takes for it to really sink in.

Then, they ought to refrain from even considering submitting their fragile, sensitive, still-developing infants to such a barbaric medical practice as vaccinations, inoculations and immunizations.

For those who need more convincing, please read the following exposé.  You will never get another vaccine again after understanding this nefarious scheme … and certainly will not poison your precious children with these toxic time bombs.

THE VACCINE CONSPIRACY: U.S. Government Colludes With BIG Pharma To Poison The American People

Now back to the measles.

Since that first major outbreak of measles at Disneyland in California in 2015, all of us in the Anti-Vax Movement knew immediately there was a very serious NWO conspiracy at work. (NWO = New World Order)

The entire measles roll-out – at Disneyland – was a dead giveaway, as was the subsequent “media-generated measles firestorm” that continues to this very day.  How convenient was it that the MEASLES at Disneyland Was Located Right in the Heartland of Anti-Vaccination Country.

‘MEASLES SMEASLES’ EXPLAINED: ‘‘Measles Shmeasles’ and what an Austin Healthcare Provider has to say about it! (Video)

SOTN has recently had a very unique and professional experience with this MSM-hyped hysteria when we were contacted by students at St. Peter’s University (SPU) in New Jersey.  The Director of the Communications Department there — Dr. Barna Donovan— had recently called for all children to be removed from their parents’ care who refuse to vaccinate them.  This email was sent to SOTN after we had responded to an earlier request from the same students wherein we attached numerous articles about the inherent dangers associated with all vaccines. (Screenshot of Dr. Barna’s email posted HERE.)

Quite suspiciously, there was a mysterious measles outbreak in Rockland County, New York, right up the road from SPU (30 miles north), shortly after the students circulated the SOTN vaccine articles throughout the Jesuit universities in the Northeast. Not only was there a cluster of measles cases in Rockland County, the official response was as draconian as any governmental action could be. See: New York County Bans Measles-Infected People From Public-Places For 3 Weeks

Does anyone see the obvious set-up here?  Professor Donovan has been one of the most vocal and shrill mouthpieces for Big Pharma and the US government in the massive disinfo campaign to compel parents everywhere to gravely harm their children via the current vaccination schedules.  He even calls for the removal of children for failure to vaccinate.  And, then, Rockland County, after experiencing an unprecedented outbreak, outdoes everyone by banning folks with measles from public venues after they were deliberately infected via a government-run bioweapon operation.  Read: Measles Outbreak Caused by Bio-Weaponized Illegal Aliens in Key Border States and Immigrant Counties

The following article contains many links with numerous scientific research papers that conclusively document the extreme health risks and medical ailments associated with vaccines.  These were the same SOTN vaccine posts that were emailed to the SPU students.

Why is the SPU Chair of Comm. Dept. Dr. Barna Donovan calling for children to be taken from parents who refuse to vaccinate?

Super-Vaccination Agenda

There is perhaps no greater danger to the health of America than the rapid advancement of the devastating super-vaccination agenda.

This cataclysmic conspiracy to destroy the health and well-being of American children is as malevolent as it is shocking.  That so many parents across the country still buy into such a destructive medical paradigm is inconceivable in the face of so much hard evidence that proves the existence of a swiftly unfolding yet contrived public health disaster.

But who exactly is behind this stealthy plot to sicken and injure, paralyze and harm, maim and kill our children?

KEY POINT: The Hippocratic Oath is quite emphatic: “First, do no harm.”What kind of a medical paradigm would permit this calamitous outcome without responding expeditiously to stop it? $4 Billion and Growing: U.S. Payouts for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Keep Climbing

In point of fact, the true conspiracy at work is so broad and so deep and has been surreptitiously evolving for so many years that the countless co-conspirators are difficult to nail down.

We’re not talking about the agents of Big Pharma or U.S. government agencies like the CDC, NIH and FDA, mind you.  These completely corrupt entities are all obvious to anyone who has a brain.  And, they are key culprits in a vast criminal conspiracy that continues unabated to this very day.

What we’re really talking about are the real criminal minds who have set up the whole vaccine paradigm from behind the scenes in order to easily render the American people to be transformed into over-medicated sheeple.   Isn’t this why the nation has been rent asunder with so many wedge issues driven deep into the heart of the body politic?

You can be sure that the vast majority of voters, who have voted so many corrupt politicians into office over decades, have been subjected to all the annual flu vaccines as well as to heavy prescription drug regimens.  This, after, they received their state-mandated childhood vaccines over several years.

Let’s face it, this is really how it works:

First they get your body; 
then they take your mind; 
then they grab your soul.

(Source: Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda)

Only with this crucial understanding will the reader correctly comprehend the true purpose(s) behind the super-vaccination agenda.  Truly, there’s so much going on here it boggles the mind; however, for those who lack this vital knowledge they will end up with a scrambled brain…which is just how the duplicitous U.S. government and deceptive Healthcare Industry would like it.

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