We Are Dancing on a Powder Keg


by Sarah Hoyt, PJ Media:

Social media has been full of the Democrats talking about the Stormy Daniels affair with the joy and sniggers of three-year-olds who just discovered there’s a word for what you do on the potty.

This is predictable and not at all upsetting, because if these people had any political sophistication and understanding of history, they wouldn’t support a party that is more fully behind the full-on communism that has killed a hundred million human beings in the 20th century and bids fair to at least an attempt to continue its work in the twenty-first. Also, most of them have the understanding of history of Occasional Cortex and think that politics is a sort of game. All they’re really doing is signaling their membership in the “tribe.”

All well and good, but there is an aspect of this that worries me: they actually expect l’affaire Stormy to change our minds about Trump. And from their polls – snork, giggle, remember 2016? – they’re absolutely convinced they’re winning.

This worries me because it tells me just how far from reality their mental processes have gone, particularly their image of us.

Look, I don’t deny we have any number of religiously conservative people. Note, these are not just religious or conservative, but people whose only interest in politics is that their religion tells them to be conservative. And maybe those people really can be turned off voting for a president because he is sinful. (Raises eyebrow.) Except that, you know, all of those I personally know have accepted that the president —as sinful and imperfect as he is — has been the vehicle for something else.

The traditionally religious people I know believe he was sent as an instrument of G-d to save the US from complete doom and at least give us a second chance.

Are they going to be swayed by the Stormy Daniels nonsense?


Look, he was three times married when we first voted him in. We knew he had a history of affairs. Almost the first thing I heard about him in the U.S. was news of his public and rather lurid divorce from Ivana. We’re not stupid. And at least the more sophisticated religious people understand completely that you can be spectacularly flawed and still an instrument from above. Heck, in my religion, some of the greatest saints had flaws and blind spots a mile wide and two miles deep. They still attained sainthood. Some of them (St. Joan) might also have been raving lunatics, which is not an impediment to sainthood, and in fact, might help (it helps distance you from the world).

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