WalkAway, Jexodus And Blexit, Along With Socialist & Communist Liberals Controlling The Dem Party, Are Causing Normal Democrats To Exit ‘Stage Right’


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

When Democrats are being dragged so far to the left they are seen as the party of socialists and communists, where even the deranged talking heads at MSNBC on Morning Joe are starting to get freaked out with dire warnings that the “Democratic Party’s in crisis,” there is but only one option for Democrats that consider themselves moderate, and that is to exit the party, “stage right,” as they say in theatrical scripts.

With the #WalkAway, Brexit and now the newly formed Jexodus movements, we see that is exactly what is happening right now.


When even the Trump haters over at MSNBC, specifically Joe Scarborough and frequent guest and liberal pundit Donny Deutsch, are freaking out because the left has lurched so far towards socialism and communism that an “American success” capitalist, Democrat 2020 presidential candidate John Hickenlooper, was scared to use the label “capitalist,” during an interview, you know the Democrat party has a massive problem, or as Scarborough calls it, a “crisis.”

NewsBusters provides the direct quotes & transcript:

“I just got a text from one of the smartest people I know in politics who said, ‘Oh, my God, the Democratic Party’s in crisis,’” Scarborough revealed. “They’ve gotten to a point where an American success story can’t even say he’s a capitalist,” he lamented. Co-host Willie Geist agreed: “Yeah, that was extraordinary….Governor Hickenlooper, who has done very well in life….has benefitted from capitalism, he couldn’t say that he was a capitalist because he was worried about that label.”

Scarborough repeated that “the Democratic Party is in crisis right now” and predicted: “Trump is going to devour every one of these candidates if they can’t say they support capitalism.” While arguing that America’s capitalist system “needs to be reformed,” the host proclaimed:

But, my God, if you’re afraid to say you’re a capitalist in America, I’m just going to tell you, people on the left tweeting today may not like it, let me just let you in on a little secret. If that is a crisis for your party, you’re gonna lose in 2020. Just, you know what, pull up the stakes on the tent and just pack her up. The party’s over.

Listening below, they make no effort to hide their hatred of President Trump, but the sheer panic they express over what is happening within the Democrat/socialist/communist party, is obvious.

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#WalkAway: When Brandon Straka, a gay New York hairstylist and aspiring actor, published a video explaining why he felt the need to #WalkAway from the Democrat party, it instantly went viral, millions of views on Facebook & Twitter, hundreds of thousands on YouTube, as the hashtag #WalkAway started trending on Twitter with stories of others like Straka that simply couldn’t abide what the Democrats had become.

Straka began by saying “Once upon a time, I was a liberal,” then he explained why he walked away, saying “For years now, I have watched as the left has devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded and, at times, blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric.”

The #WalkAway campaign exploded, so the media tried to claim it was fueled by “Russian bots,” so those users took out their cameras to show they were real people, of all colors, religions and lifestyles, and they started recording their own reasons for walking away. Straka started collecting those and publishing them on his #WalkAway Campaign Youtube channel.

#Blexit: Months later another movement was launched by a female, conservative black activist, Candace Owens, called #Blexit, described as a “Renaissance,” with Owens explaining “Blexit is the black exit from the Democratic Party. It’s the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America.”

Owens is now joined regularly at Blexit events across the country by many other high profile black and minority conservatives, speaking to hundreds of people that fill up their rally locations, talking to them, asking them to think for themselves, research for themselves, not so much encouraging them to join the Republican party, simply telling them to run, fast and hard, from the Democrats/socialists/communists.

The mainstream media downplays or ignores these events, in the hopes that they will die out if not given attention, but they are growing in size and scope.

Jexodus: At the recent CPAC event, another group had a soft launch, and are preparing for a bigger one, called “Jexodus,” for Jewish exodus. They are Jewish Millennials that self-describe the movement on their website in the following way:

We are proud Jewish Millennials tired of living in bondage to leftist politics. We reject the hypocrisy, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism of the rising far-left. Progressives, Democrats, and far too many old-school Jewish organizations take our support for granted. After all, we’re Jewish, and Jews vote for Democrats.

Until today.

We are determined and we are unafraid to speak for ourselves. As combatants and veterans of the campus wars, we know the threat progressivism poses to Jews. We’ve had front row seats witnessing anti-Semites hide behind the thin veil of anti-Zionism. We know the BDS movement harbors deep hatred not only for Israel, but for Jews. We’re done standing with supposed Jewish leaders and allegedly supportive Democrats who rationalize, mainstream, and promote our enemies. We’d rather spend forty years wandering in the desert than belong to a party that welcomes Jew-haters like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

According to the Daily Wire, “Jexodus will initially launch in New York and Florida, which are both home to sizable Jewish populations.” From there they plan to span the nation, starting with physical rallies with speakers describing how difficult it was for them to “unshackle the proverbial bondage of the Democratic Party.”



Each of these movements are targeting groups known for their overwhelming support of the Democrats which have become socialists and communist, and each movement encourages those groups to research, stop being led by the media, and to stop supporting people that have never kept their promises to them during election cycles.

President Trump only won 8 percent of the African American vote in 2016, with Clinton garnering 89 percent, but with black unemployment down to record lows, along with the #WalkAway and #Blexit movements, both targeting minorities, support for President Trump has risen within those groups.

As Victor Davis Hanson highlighted back in 2018: “Even 20% African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020.” Even a smaller 5 to 10 percent rise for Republicans from the 2016 numbers would seriously impact any 2020 Democrat presidential candidate.

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