US Government’s Lies on Aid Trucks “Torched” by Venezuela’s Maduro EXPOSED


from Sputnik News:

The Trump administration accused Nicolas Maduro’s government of torching a truck with humanitarian aid amid a civil plight in Venezuela in February. The State Department later released a video of the incident, and the narrative was instantly picked up by the MSM.

The New York Times, which has obtained unpublished footage and previously released clips, has exposed the inconsistency in reports on the burning trucks with humanitarian aid filmed on the Venezuela-Colombia border on 23 February.

While the majority of mainstream media advanced the official narrative that the convoy was set afire at President Nicolas Maduro’s order, the video presented by The New York Times, in fact, appeared to show an opposition protester hurling something akin to a Molotov cocktail at the convoy, which was most likely the trigger for the blaze.

People ride atop and alongside semi-trailers accompanying U.S. humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela, in Cucuta, Colombia, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 .

According to the newspaper, the same protester can be seen 20 minutes earlier in a different video, throwing an incendiary device at another truck, without torching it.

The NYT published an article and a detailed video two weeks after the incident, proving that this entire story was an elaborate lie, but the media outlet was not the first to debunk the US and Colombia’s claims that Maduro was behind the fire.

On 24 February, the day the story hit world headlines, several independent journalists pointed out that it was fake news.

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