UK: As One School Scraps Pro-LGBT Lessons Over Protests From Muslims, Others Begin Teaching How to Treat Knife Wounds


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

These two stories came out within one day of each other.

From The Daily Mail on March 4, “Primary school AXES anti-homophobia lessons after protests from Muslim parents who withdrew 600 children from lessons”:

A primary school has been forced to abandon anti-homophobia lessons following protests from Muslim parents.

Parkfield School in Birmingham has said it will ditch the ‘No Outsiders’ classes until after Easter while a ‘consultation’ takes place with parents.

The school’s assistant head, Andrew Moffat, created the lessons to promote tolerance of same-sex couples and other minorities.

However, strict religious parents said they objected because homosexuality is against their religion, while others said children were too young to learn about such matters.

From The Daily Mail on March 5, “Now schoolchildren are to be taught how to treat knife wounds: New first aid classes are planned amid soaring numbers of teens stabbed”:

School pupils are learning how to treat stab wounds amid a surge in violent crime in Britain.

Children are taught first aid and how to speak to emergency services following a stabbing in lessons arranged by charity StreetDoctors.

In sessions lasting up to an hour and a half the pupils use visual props to explain the science behind blood loss and how to apply pressure to a wound, the charity says.

You’re going to love the new United Kingdom!

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