Two Things Just Happened That Signal VERY DARK & VIOLENT TIMES Up Next For The USA


from Silver Doctors:

SD Friday Wrap. Do you live in an American city? Close to one? Then perhaps you should know our cities will soon be burning to the ground. Here’s why…



Total mayhem.

So get ready for it.

‘Cause violence looms.

Dark times for lost America.

Some things happened this week.

Which did one helluva job numbing me.

Happenings this week foreshadow the violence.

But what happened is too much to write in just one post.

Let’s keep it plain & simple with two seemingly unconnected things.

People will shrug-off what I am about to say as “doom-n-gloom”.

I prefer to look at it like a wildfire giving birth to a forest.

It may be destructive, but it’s also necessary.

What happened?

First, we got word that banks in general, and especially JP Morgan, are quietly closing down branches in impoverished cities.

Secondly, we learned that Family Dollar is closing nearly 400 stores across the USA.

Big deal?

Or no big deal?

How do we connect those dots?


Too easy.

It’s like this: There are about to be significantly less resources available to city dwellers.

Less cash, less cheese puffs, less honey buns, less Kool-Aid, and less everything.

Now, what happens when there are significantly less resources available?

People become angry, desperate, and fight over what’s left.

The anger and desperation increasingly lead to acts of violence.

It all starts out as simple, petty crimes committed in the name of survival.

Like squeezing a package of bologna between your crotch at the grocery store.

Anger & desperation then fester & grow as dwindling resources dwindle even more.

Here’s the thing about Family Dollar: Many people buy food there using government food stamps.

Here’s the thing about banks: Welfare Queens accept quick cash in exchange for food stamp purchases.

But now there will be even less options.

For food, and for cash.


Recipe for disaster.

Without options, there is anger.

That anger will surely lead to violence.

Grocery stores bum-rushed, ransacked, and then burned to the ground.


Check out Google’s suggested searches:

Well now, that doesn’t look good.

There is also one major, massive problem: The guns.

The Deep State and globalists haven’t succeeded taking the guns from the people.

When the riots begin, sure, there may be some rocks thrown through windows.

Later on, however, people will get thirsty, and they’ll start making cocktails.

They won’t be the kind that you drink, however, but the kind that destroy.

What happens when the armed masses become even more angry?

What happens when people become even more desperate?

What happens when meals are frequently skipped?

What happens when there’s nothing left to lose?

The unprepared will be totally devastated.

And that is the vast majority of people.

It may seem like some time away.

But it’s not far off in the distance.

It’s right around the corner.

Change is in the air.

You can smell it.

Cities on fire.




The gold-to-silver ratio hopes everybody responded to this week’s cartel pounding of the silver price:

If you wanted to buy an ounce of gold and pay for it with silver, you would need 85 ounces of silver.

That is an extreme due to the market manipulation and gold & silver price suppression.

When things get extreme, they can last for qutie some time.

But they don’t stay extreme forever.

And what is normal?

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