The Lie Factory’s Purpose Is Now Clear


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Well now that didn’t take long.

New Zealand has apparently declared the video file of the Christchurch shooting contraband — much like child pornography — and has started threatening that citizens are subject to arrest and prosecution for possession of it, along with threatening any firm that hosts or otherwise “distributes” it.  In addition the government is apparently sending out record preservation letters (which you can safely assume will be shortly followed by subpoenas) demanding that IP address and access logs be preserved, which is fair to assume they intend to use to go after their citizens who violate said edict.

Of course there’s zero means by which they can enforce any of this beyond their borders.  At least one site operated with no nexus to New Zealand at all has reported they received one — by email no less — and their response can be best characterized as “pound sand.”

The ability to do that, of course, depends very much on where you are.  Here in the United States pound sand is perfectly sound since the 1st Amendment clearly protects both the manifesto and the video file.  The shooter himself could of course demand distribution cease beyond where he personally uploaded and distributed it (since he owns the copyright, obviously) but nobody else can do it in his stead since he’s still very much alive and he made very clear both in word and action that he intended it be freely distributed.  Things would go into the weeds, however, should he have an “unfortunate accident” in custody since then his estate’s executor might try to demand removal (!)

As I pointed out in my previous article you not only should download that video file and the shooter’s “manifesto” you ought to make sure you watch it along with your children of age sufficient to be trusted to depart your immediate personal care at any time, including any kid who goes to school.  It is quite-arguably the best example we have seen thus far to date of what really happens in a real, no-bullcrap situation where some jackwad decides to go on a murderous rampage.  Despite there being myriad security and other video cameras all over the place after these events we never get a full, public, unedited release of the footage so you can see what people did and what resulted from their choices — until now.

It’s one thing to be told about it, it’s another to see it — to see the consequence of bad choices made by people under these extraordinarily-extreme circumstances.  Since if you make a bad choice in such a circumstance you won’t get a second opportunity, and the video makes very clear that the so-called “wisdom” given by the so-called “experts” including government and police is 100% WRONG you can see why none of them would want you to understand that they have been lying to you for decades and believing their lies get people killed.

Specifically, the “advice” is “run, hide, play dead” and only as a last resort “fight.”

That is exactly wrong, the authorities all know it and they’ve been intentionally lying to you and your children about what you should do in such a circumstance for decades.

The truth is that if you run, hide or play dead you get shot and die.

The only way “hide” works is if you can barricade yourself behind something that is hard cover (e.g. cement, brick, etc) and can be secured so the person trying to kill you can’t get through the barrier.  In all other cases that’s a bad choice.

If the attacker has a rifle “run” only works if you can get more than 100 yards away — the length of a football field.  Any half-competent jackwad can nail you nearly 100% of the time at 100 yards or less which was amply demonstrated in that video.  If you run and the attacker has a rifle you die.

This was a modestly-skilled attacker, not a highly-trained individual.  Anyone can acquire that much skill in a very short period of time and virtually anyone who has ever hunted is probably at least that good.  In short he really wasn’t that good — from a tactical perspective he was terrible on several very specific points and made a large number of mistakes, any of which meant that had anyone decided to fight they had a fair crack at him.  Do not be misled by the media — anyone who intends such an act is likely at least as good at what he or she intends to do as this jackwad was.

The video makes clear that your only sane option 99% of the time, because you’re not likely to be where you can get to hard cover and secure a barrier between you and the gunman, is fight.

The reason the authorities do not want you to conclude the only sane option is fight and for everyone to have that engraved in their head is simple: The next question after you conclude the correct option is “fight” is going to be “with what?” and there is only one sane answer to that question too: WITH A GUN.

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