Swedish parents keep their daughters home from school after migrants kick, beat and call them “whores”


from Voice Of Europe:

The problems with migrants have escalated recently at the school ‘Österledskolan’ outside Halmstad in southern Sweden.

Swedish independent journalist Joakim Lamotte has been contacted by parents of children at the schooland according to them it is a group of newly arrived migrants who harass their daughters.

The parents argue that the failed integration of the newcomers has led to groupings at the school.

“There are daily threats and violations at the school. Our daughter, who’s in eighth grade has been harassed since the second week of seventh grade. She has been called “Swedish whore” and threatened with violence several times.”

“The police have been called many times. Last week, they were called on three occasions. And an ambulance has been called to the school during assaults,” says one parent.

“The situation at the school went out of control last week after several major fights, and now parents choose to keep their children at home because of the insecurity.”

“Weapons and drugs are common at the school, and the confrontations continue after the school day ends,” says another parent.

The parents are highly critical of the school management and believe that they don’t take the problems seriously.

“Right now it is anarchy at the school and they have lost control completely. At the same time, the school management wants to silence what is happening, and blame the events on racism. Racism may occur, but I and many others don’t see that as the problem.”

“The reason for this is a difference in treatment, and not integrating the newly arrived young people. On Friday, two girls were subjected to blows and kicks by the newcomers,” says a third parent.

According to conversations on various internet forums, some adults mean that the students get into arguments because of racism and that it has caused the conflict between Swedes and newcomers to escalate.

“I want to clarify that it is not about racism from my and my wife’s side. We want things to be fair, and the school should be a safe place for our daughter where she can focus on studying and learning.”

“At the moment we keep our daughter home from school because the school management cannot guarantee her safety. And many other parents keep their children home for the same reason. My daughter estimates that about 25 students don’t dare go to school as it is now,” concludes one of the parents.

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