SCANDAL: Today, Europe Votes On A Law That Could Change The Internet — Sold Out For A Russian Pipeline


by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:



To refresh your memory, Germany’s delegation originally pushed back on the more extreme versions of Article 13, fighting for small companies by demanding that the final version of the text was clearer for a mom and pop shop business.
However, Germany then randomly caved in to France’s demands and we were left with a shit deal leaving many questioning a “coincidence” in timing; because right after this, France also withdrew its objections to the Russian pipeline which is very controversial in the EU.
FAZ writes that there were rumors about Germany and France trading these two proposals, with Germany essentially selling out the World Wide Web in exchange for easier access to Russian gas. The publication now confirmed the rumor, stating they have seen documents.
Further, according to FAZ, the French delegation suggested the idea of France backing away from its opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in exchange for Germany forgetting its concerns on Article 13. Then the deal was sealed and France backed away from the pipeline and Germany sold out our Internet.
What’s of particular note is that the U.S. is threatening sanctions against Germany for the Nord Stream pipeline deal. So this leak may affect U.S. relations with France and likely Germany.

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