Rothschild’s Golden Reserves


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

The Rothschild’s own most of the central or national banks around the world. This banking cabal prints the currency for their respective nation or in the case of the EuroZone it is printed for a region. The Rothschild’s are able to extract vast sums of wealth from the nations via interest payments on 100% of the currency in circulation. The currency is issued to the nation as a debt instrument that the host nation must pay interest for using. This is the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. In the process the nations all singed away their gold reserves to the Rothschild’s as collateral or some such nonsensical lie.

The Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S., where there is supposedly 8,300 tons of gold being held, runs this racket here on the citizens and the government is complicit in this ongoing crime spree. Our gold, if there is in fact any held at Ft Knox, FRBNY or the Denver Federal Reserve, no longer belongs to the people of the U.S.. If you don’t believe me simply file a petition and ask for an audit or any information about the gold, like recent photos, audit reports or any information at all and I can assure you, you will be met with absolute quiet – not a peep, crickets, nada, nothing, get-outta-here-kid you’re bugging me.

Look at what just happened in Italy. Another Rothschild’s owned central bank and the response to recently elected Deputy Prime Minister Salvini and the idea he floated about using the “peoples gold” to pay off debt and free Italy from the clutches of the satanic globalist central banking system.

A few weeks ago, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini suggested that the government could use use country’s gold to plug budget holes.

“It’s not an issue that I am following, but it could be an interesting idea,” Salvini told reporters after being asked about the possibility of tapping gold reserves.

Bank of Italy’s Governor Ignazio Visco said on Monday the country’s reserves of gold belonged to the central bank and could not be used to fund government spending.

“Bank of Italy’s golden reserves amount to between 80 and 90 billion euros… less than 10 percent of its total assets,” he said during a panel discussion. [emphasis added]

“Like the rest of its assets, it cannot be used for monetary financing by the Treasury. These things are not hard to understand,” he added. [emphasis added] Source

These things are not hard to understand.” because the people of Italy no longer own any gold. They have debt in place of gold. Governor Visco says very clearly the gold belongs to the Bank of Italy, not the people of Italy.

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