New Zealand Workers Fired For Watching Shooting Video Or Sharing It With Workmates


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

New Zealand workers are being fired from their jobs — without any legal precedent — just for viewing the Christchurch shooting video or sharing it with their workmates.

From the NZ Herald:

Kiwi workers have been fired for watching the Christchurch shooter’s livestream at work and sharing it with colleagues.

That’s according to Cyber Research, which monitors internal computer use for around 50 companies – which include some of our biggest corporates.

[…]Founder Steve Byrne says many companies had three to five employees who’d looked up the video at work.

[…]Byrne says at least one person has been fired for watching the video while other employees were around – while others have been let go for sharing it with workmates.

Your corporate overlords spy on your web browsing then rat on you to your boss who fires you for watching/sharing video of one of the biggest news events in years.

Will ISPs be forced to rat on all their users next?

The video of September 11th was broadcast 24/7 for weeks straight because our rulers wanted to start wars in the Middle East (which killed over a million Muslims) but video of this massacre (which killed 50 Muslims) is being purged from the internet entirely, websites are being blocked, free speech is being thrown out the window and people are being jailed and fired just for glancing at it.

[Employment lawyer Jennifer Mills] thinks a dismissal for watching the Christchurch clip could probably be overturned by the Employment Relations Authority, but she adds “It’s a particularly grey area. There’s no precedent.”

[…]Chief Censor David Shanks rated the gunman’s video objectionable on Monday – meaning it is banned and those who share it face a fine of up to $10,000 or up to 14 years jail.

[…]Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has called on Facebook to hand names of those who shared the video to NZ police.

How many thousands of innocent people are they planning on throwing in jail for this?

How many hundreds of websites are they planning on banning in perpetuity?

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