New Zealand Mosque Massacre: A False Flag Terrorist Attack, Gladio Black Operation and CIA Global Psyop (Updated)


from State Of The Nation:

IDES OF MARCH: What really happened at the New Zealand mosque terrorist attack? Cui bono?

It’s no coincidence that this odious mass shooting was conducted in a city with the name Christchurch.

Of course, the perps would choose the Ides of March to carry out such a heinous and murderous plot.

The Millennium Report

The cool precision and mechanical firing of his automatic rifle indicates that the terrorist who killed 49 Muslim congregants at the mosque in New Zealand was a highly trained professional.

In other words, no matter who this guy is according to his public background, he’s really a stone-cold Gladio-trained terrorist on a specific mission.

OPERATION GLADIO: The Covert Arm of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization that Carries Out False Flag Attacks and Hoaxes Around the World for the Power Elite

While it’s entirely true that he may not even know what that mission was, he was used by his masters to incite a religious war on the once peaceful island nation of New Zealand.  That religious and race and cultural war will undoubtedly spill over to every other nation with similar religious demographics.

The Power That Be are determined to destroy every idyllic paradise on planet Earth as they themselves approach their own demise.  With the Internet running at full tilt — 24/7 — TPTB know that it’s only a matter of time before their own faces show up on the World’s Most Wanted list.

Events are now unfolding so quickly across the entire planetary civilization and information is being  shared instantaneously, as the video of the real-time mass shooting clearly demonstrated, that the true perps at the very peak of the pinnacle of the worldly power pyramid can no longer hide as they once did.

Everything about this act of unspeakable violence pushed the edge of the envelope like never before, even by Gladio standards.  It’s as though Gladio is screaming out to the people of the world—“Catch me, if you can.”   “Catch us before we do this again.”

The GLADIO CODE Has Been Broken, NATO’s Terror Network Shattered

Cui bono?

In the short term, who really gains by this shocking atrocity?  Here’s the answer:

KEY POINT: Of course, the gun control maniacs will be coming out of the woodwork with a vengeance after the rifles that were deliberately videoed by the mass murderer.  They will be screaming for nationwide gun control even though it was the shooter who did the killing, not the inanimate guns and bullets.  The fastidious staging of this entire black operation reveals the true intent where it concerns the desired global gun control measures.  TPTB have never been so afraid of an armed populace.  And they will do everything in their power to disarm every citizenry in the world post-haste.

Shut down the Right and Justify Internet censorship

The immediate response by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media points directly to a highly calculated campaign to shut down Patriot Movements worldwide with this tragic event.

Already, media platforms on both the Alt Left and  throughout the Corporate Media are naming President Trump as the original instigator that set the stage for this mass shooting.  The same CIA agents, Deep State operatives and MSM provocateurs are labelling the nationalist groups around the world as the fertile ground for the perpetration of these massacres.

Never mind that the language is always sending terribly mixed messages about the true reasons; the Mockingbird Media never misses an opportunity to accuse the Right of violent behavior they are totally innocent of.  These false accusers are then unrelenting in tarring all conservatives with the same brush of racism, extremism, misogyny and bigotry, when it’s actually the Left that is guilty of them.  And, quite cynically, it’s the Left that is behind the mass shootings.

Truly, the Liberal accusers always end up standing accused of this unseemly conduct as the investigations by truth-seekers reach conclusions far different than the involved law enforcement agencies and mainstream media.   Despite the facts, the MSM then provides a platform for flaming communists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to spew her absurd hypotheses and wild allegations.  Political bolsheviks like her are also the first to use these massacres as an excuse to take away our firearms. See: Ocasio Already Blames the Rifle and not the Shooter for Mosque Mass Shooting

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