by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

If you’re one of those wondering about what is really going on in Venezuela, join the club; I do too, and I’m not sure I’m any closer to an answer even after receiving many articles about it from various readers of this website, and that’s why I’ve avoided the topic. I just don’t know who to believe among the major competing narratives. But when Ms. K.M. and Mr. D.W. both spotted and sent this article to me, I knew I had to blog about it, firstly, because it fit the “meme” that emerged when I scheduled this week’s blogs; many people seemed to have concentrated or spotted some article having to do with money in all its variegated forms. Secondly, it’s tailor made for a good high octane speculation, and follows, in a general sort of way, my speculations in this week’s previous blogs.

Here’s the story:

Has the United Kingdom transported fake money to Venezuela?

Here’s what caught my eye:

cording to a pan-Arab Lebanese TV Channel (Al-Mayadeen), an Ethiopian plane has uploaded at Malta 15 chests of false money to be delivered to Venezuela.

The Venezuelan economy has collapsed. Elliot Abrams thinks this is due to the communist government being unfit managers while the Bolivarian government of Nicolas Maduro thinks it’s the result of a US sabotage.

And then at the end of this short article, this:

During the war against Syria, both Saudi Arabia and Qatar printed false money to bring the Syrian economy into chaos. However at the time, both monarchies were competing with each other; they had not come to a market sharing agreement. Further, at the same time they were paying all their mercenaries in dollars. For the mercenaries to be on the spot men, they had to change their US dollar pay into Syrian pounds. Finally, Syria has printed new notes in Russia.

Now, yesterday, when blogging about the story about the recent “spike” in the amount of one hundred dollar notes (US) in circulation, I pointed out the one possibility that none of the articles I read on the story ever mentioned, namely, that someone somewhere, other than any official agency of the US mint, was printing the notes. In fact, I mentioned a strange “fiction” novel called Supernotes (by an “Agent Kasper” and Luigi Carletti), which first appeared in the Italian and then was released in an English language edition. The book, as I noted, had that disturbing “feel” that there was more fact than fiction in it, but in any case, one of the things it alleged was that US one hundred dollar plates had somehow made their way to North Korea, courtesy of certain investment agencies, which agencies needed an off-the-books source of money. In effect, what the novel was alleging was that North Korea had secretly partnered with that certain investment agency to run a unique counterfeiting operation, an operation having all the hallmarks of the World War Two Nazi counterfeiting operation called Operation Bernhard. That operation I have written about in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations. In effect, the Nazis has decided to reverse engineer the entire process of the production and printing of British pound sterling notes, and some of the “product” was so good that banks couldn’t tell the difference between what came off the presses in Germany, and what came from the Bank of England.

What’s disturbing about this article is that it is alleging that three countries – the (out)House of Saud, Yemen, and Britain – are involved in a very similar activity. Or, to put it differently, Operation Bernhard has gone international. In effect, one might be looking at a kind of international cabal of “un-authorized” production of a variety of official currencies, and with the banknote printing business being a very close knit, secretive business in close communication with central banksters, I would be willing to be that some such thing is being done, with countries pouring money into reverse-engineering other countries’ paper notes. It stands to reason that such an activity would require the backing, at some point, of countries with the technology, experience, and money to fund such a scheme, and the (out)House of Saud and Britain both certainly qualify. Indeed, intelligence agencies would be likely to be involved in a major way, since many if not most of them have entire “departments” dedicated to the forgery and production of spurious documents of all sorts, and it would be reasonable to assume that this would include various securities, bonds, banknotes, bank certifications, and so on. Operation Bernhard, for example, fell at least in part under the aegis of Nazi Germany’s Reichsicherheithauptamt (RSHA),the umbrella security and intelligence organization.

There’s an additional disturbing implication here, and the article strongly hints at it by suggesting that the real economic problems faced by Venezuela, and any other country on the “outs” with the west, are at least in some degree being caused by, or exacerbated by, such “unauthorized” production of their notes.

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