Michael Bloomberg — And Those Like Him — Must Be Stopped


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

This man is literally Hitler.

He’s a fascist.  He’s Mussolini.  He’s Mao.

And he’s going to kill you if you sign on to any of his bull****.

The latest is that he’s “not going to run for President” because he now believes that he should start up a new movement called Beyond Carbonwhich, as the name implies, means the end of hydrocarbons and similar.

I note he doesn’t believe a word of his doomsaying; it’s all a huge ****ing lie and to the extent he tries to sell it to others that makes it a fraud.

Let’s me point out that not only does Bloomberg own at least a dozen residences all over the world, all of which consume a metric crap-ton of energy, he also owns both a jet and a chopper.

He has neither sold or disposed of either yet both require carbon-based fuels and always will.

Bizjets are ridiculously inefficient on a per-person-mile per gallon of fuel consumed, eclipsed only by anything rotary wing.  You may as well light suitcases of $100 bills on fire (and barrels of oil) in your back yard when it comes to fuel consumption on those things.

I have no quarrel with rich people — even stupidly-rich people, and what they choose to spend their money on.  But as soon as any of them start braying about how we must stop using carbon-based energy sources while they own and use yachts, private jets and helicopters, all of which are discretionary items nobody actually needs and all of which consume carbon-based fuels by the truckload they can all **** off.

This man is dangerous and his intended “movement” can only achieve its goals one way: By force.

He intends to shove everyone lesser than he is in the oven — and I’m not speaking rhetorically either.

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