IT MATTERS MORE THAN EVER: Jeep Is To Gold As Pre-Nastied Gucci Shoes Are To The US Dollar


from Silver Doctors:

SD Friday Wrap: The day is quickly approaching when the choices we make today, really matter, but if that day comes, and choices have not been made…


Is to Jeep.

Wifey’s got a Jeep.

That beater’s old & ragged.


I’m talkin’ about the Jeep.


But it has never once let us down.

It’s not very comfortable, but it’s rugged.

The Jeep is also very practical – a tool, if you will.

I mean, if push came to shove, it doubles as a shelter.

May I also mention that the Jeep is capable and very safe?

Oddly, if we went to sell it, nobody would give it the time of day.

Sounds a lot like the shiny yellow metal, and like the white metal too.

And yet.

Gold & silver are the ultimate hedges against inflation, and the ultimate stores of value.


Is to Gucci shoes.

That cost nearly $900.

Made to look dirty & used.

Sure, they move you around.

Arguably, even more than cars.

You won’t go as far with the shoes.

Ain’t no shelter when push comes to shove.

Nor are the shoes good to repair when worn out.

Dang shoes cost more than we’d get sellin’ the Jeep.

Like the overpriced US dollar that’s shoved down our throats.


They do.

That is, until.

The sheeple learn.

The huge difference.

Between price and value.

Because the tables will turn.

There’s no doubt this will happen.

And when the tables turn, my oh my.

Sucks when y’only got some dang shoes.

But you really need a Jeep so you can bug-out.

Because, well, when you’re on the verge of tragedy.

And it comes down to a Jeep or some dang nasty shoes.

At best that’s two feet n’last I checked, well, that’s six feet to few.


Too easy.

What to do?

What to choose?

Well, not the shoes.

Else you will surely lose.

But there’s just one problem.

And it is something we all must face.

You see, we need to make the choice now.

Before we find ourselves on the verge of tragedy.

Because when it comes down to that choice.

There won’t be any Jeeps to be found.

Not a single Jeep will be for sale.

And they won’t be let go of.

No matter the price.

On those shoes.

It’ll be too late.

Only to lose.

That’s gold.

Silver too.




I ain’t kiddin’ about those dang shoes:

Just like the Federal Reserve Note, the ersatz constitutionally required gold & silver standard.

And speaking of value, the gold-to-silver ratio is screaming the value of silver right now:

Because the price to buy gold will not be 85 ounces of silver for long.

Gold is riding its 50-day moving average for the time being:

Everybody is still calling for a pullback, but as I’ve argued, we’ve already had it, and it has been a minor pullback, played-out over time.

You can bet your last pair of Gucci shoes that the cartel wants to pound silver below $15:


I don’t think they can, however, or the physical silver market will blow-up.

Palladium has been of fire this week:

That drop in price to day is to be expected, as price is not a one-way street.

Platinum is still being stubborn with its golden cross:

If I was a mathematician, I’d manually calculate the golden cross, but everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar ain’t no dang mathematician.

Copper’s consolidating fade has ended on a sour note:

I’d be looking to tag either the 50-day or 200-day next week, before heading higher.

Crude oil also ended the week on a sour note:

The price action is still very tight, however, and I’m looking for a move to the upside.

The Heartbeat of America Index was a harbinger last September:

And we sure do look like we’re rolling over here once again.

As such, the tranquilizers may be losing their effect on VIX:

Today’s candle looks a lot like the short-term top-marking candles from last May and June.

Interestingly, yield on the 10-Year Note is beginning to plunge as expected:

I think we have much further to fall, especially once the stock market starts crashing again.

The US dollar has still gone absolutely nowhere:

The dollar looks like the market riggers are waiting for something.

In my opinion, they are waiting for a Trump accomplishment.

‘Cause what he’ll be doing on the surface will look “good”.

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