IMF Takes Another Step Towards Total Monetary Control


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

IMF Takes Another Step Towards Total Monetary Control by Rory for The Daily Coin

As we reported in 2017 the IMF’s Christine Lagarde stated she foresaw banks and others actively using digital currencies as soon as 2021. Of course the cryptocurrency cheerleaders were completely silent then as they remain silent today.

Fourteen attendees took part, including Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, director of regulatory regulations at Ripple Ryan Zagone and Jill Carlson, head of the market strategy at Chain.

“Emerging technologies in the financial sector (“fintech”) are driving transformational change in the provision of financial services in such areas as payments, financing, investments, financial information and advice and asset management,” an introductionto the event from the IMF reads. “These developments bring both opportunities and risks.”

While it is unlikely that the exact nature of Blockchain’s involvement will surface, the guest list for the noticeably small-scale gathering with managing director Christine Lagarde is telling.

Meanwhile, the founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation reacted to the news with skepticism.

“I’ve studied the ‘Bitcoin people and companies’ in attendance here and I cannot figure out why IMF needs Blockchain,” he commented on Twitter.

Lagarde herself meanwhile stated in October she foresaw banks and others actively using digital currencies as soon as 2021.

“I would be very surprised that if, in five years time, many of the existing financial institutions have not adopted those tools,” she said.

Just a couple of days ago globalist, Christine Lagarde, made an announcement to support this missions goal.

The 1:08 video below must be listened to a number of times in order to have a chance at decoding what this globalist banker is actually saying. The last two words, in my opinion, are the most significant – “inclusion revolution”. In the context in which she is speaking, fintech, this screams of cryptocurrency. I may be wrong so you tell me what it means. I’ve only listened to this twice at this point and need more time to consider what the devil is actually saying, but it seems clear enough that her references to fintech make it appear the banking industry is being put on notice to pick up the pace and make the necessary changes to roll out some type of digital currency.

As you listen to the words spilling out of her mouth, please bear in mind that nothing – I mean absolutely nothing – that is said or done by these banking cabals are intended to benefit the people. They do not care one iota about you or your family. Their only interest is how much of your labor they can steal through odious taxes or other dehumanizing fees that are foisted upon the people by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Let’s not forget these satanic globalist meet, in secret, on a monthly basis to discuss how our wealth will be divided. Keep this in mind as you listen.

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