Dogsqueeze-quality ‘Representative’ AOC


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The instance of insanity otherwise known as “AOC”, who appears to be the ersatz, self-proclaimed “new face” of the Democrat Party, has a plan.

It will kill half the population of the planet and — as I’ll get to — she isn’t ignorant of this; in fact she knows it and it’s ok with her.

For instance:

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded Saturday night after a published report excoriated the freshman congresswoman for pushing her Green New Deal initiative while still traveling on airplanes and using ridesharing services — instead greener travel methods such as public transportation.

The piece mentioned the New York Democrat’s call in January for more sustainable energy solutions: “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,” she said at the time.

Yet instead of using the subway, which is just a hundred or so feet from her campaign office, she instead used Uber, Lyft and other car services over 1,000 times during her campaign.

All of which, I point out, use combustible hydrocarbons she wants to ban from being used by you.

She also used airline travel more than 60 times, and only rode on a train (which is much more efficient on a per-person use of fossil fuels) just 18 times.

And she believes in Air Conditioning instead of opening windows at strategic times to cool her residence (and office, I’m sure) — never mind that in a residence HVAC is typically the largest consumer of energy.

She also believes you shouldn’t have children in today’s world in the United States, citing both “climate change” and educational cost, specifically college expense.

So let’s start with the last one.  Why is college so damned expensive?


Is Calculus any more complicated than it was in 1960?  No.

Is Chemistry?  No.

Is Computer Science?  No, and by the way it’s much cheaper to teach that since the computer required no longer costs millions of dollars (for a mainframe); you can now buy a perfectly-serviceable computer to learn on for $35! (No, I’m not kidding; Pi3 for example.)

So why is it so damned expensive?  Socialism, in short.

The Government not only started handing out money it regulated lending to go to college, making those loans unable to be discharged in bankruptcy and ultimately taking over essentially all student-obligation college lending.

That resulted in colleges turning into ridiculously plush resorts plus adding on insane numbers of administrators and the cost skyrocketed.

When it comes to children there’s another problem — if you have no children who is going to work and pay taxes when you get older and can’t work any more?  If there are no children that you have what is her solution to this?

Might that plan be importing millions of no-skill, low-intelligence and low-wage brown and black people she can abuse in the belief they will be too stupid to force her to cut this crap out — including, perhaps, by force?

Health care is, incidentally, expensive for the very same reason.  In the 1960s you went into the hospital and were given a bill.  If you had “insurance” you negotiated for payment but first, you knew what you were charged.  In today’s dollars, adjusted for inflation, it was about $1,000 to have a child — including several nights stay in said hospital.  Today it’s 8-10x as much money or more and the stay is typically measured in a few hours.  Having a baby by vaginal birth has not changed in a very long time.

So why has it gotten so damned expensive?

Again, government.  Specifically, the government pays for a huge percentage of said births through Medicaid and has permitted hospitals and other medical providers to collude with insurance companies so you never see a price before service is performed and thus can’t negotiate, they have allowed collusion including gag clauses prohibiting disclosing price, and they have mandated that irrespective of ability to pay you get treated — which sounds great except without a published, level price this is an open-ended invitation to screw everyone.

In short 80% or more of every dollar spent on “medical care” in this country is stolen and instead of demanding that crap stop right here and now AOC demands that the theft increase exponentially via “Medicare for All” and similar twaddle.

Oh by the way all of that sort of behavior which is currently used to steal more than $3 trillion dollars a year from the American public alone was made illegal over 100 years ago and is codified in 15 USC Chapter 1.  It’s a felony, not a civil matter and the amount of theft involved is literally approximately 15% of the total size of the economy!  Yet the number of prosecutions for these outrageous acts number zero, which is exactly how AOC likes it.

Then there’s beef.  AOC says you must eat almost none of it.  Yet her chief of staff was recently photographed with her chowing down on a big, juicy….. hamburger.

In short she wants to, and does, all of the things she claims you shouldn’t and is willing to make illegal so you can’t.

She thinks she’s Queen, in short, and can confiscate whatever she wants to do whatever she wants while supporting “urging” you not to do any of those things and if you refuse and insist on doing the same things she does she’ll put a gun up your nose and threaten to blow your brains out unless you stop.

This is the essence of so-called “modern Socialism” which is really nothing of the sort; it’s Communism or even Fascism at its core, where the leaders get all the spoils to do whatever they want, including “free” health care (courtesy of the US Taxpayer), they can fly anywhere they want, they can eat whatever they want and they can consume whatever they want (aka “Al Gore” and his mansion and diesel-powered recreational BOAT!) while the rest of us are told no and if we refuse we get fined, jailed or even shot.

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