Democratic Leaders Tried To Sabotage the Hanoi Summit for a War Policy — Make Them Pay for It


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

If the American people have the spirit to act for the future of their nation and humanity, what happened in the last week of February will be the beginning of the end for the Democrats running against President Donald Trump. Their press-manufactured polling numbers should now be met with a national wave of revulsion. Last week Congressional Democratic leaders launched an attack on, and a fraudulent attempt to impeach the President while he was in a summit, negotiating for peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. Their vehicle, in trying to add conjured-up new charges to the failing British-sponsored Russiagate attack on Trump, was a blatantly lying New York lawyer/financial hustler with a record of perjury as long as his arm.

But this was not simply party politics at its worst — it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage a peace, in order to deny the President a victory, and more broadly to prevent any cooperation by him with other great powers — China, Russia, Japan — for peace and development in Eurasia. The President, himself, in a Twitter message Sunday, said that the all-out impeachment attack Feb. 26-28 in Congress may have contributed to his breaking off the Hanoi summit without an agreement. This was the Democratic leaders’ intention, as they all showed by pausing momentarily to praise him for ending the Hanoi summit without an agreement, and then turning eagerly back to the goal of forcing him out of office!

This message from President Trump pointed to the truth which EIR and LaRouchePAC have been fighting to get out for two years: The attack on the President is not a scandal but a geopolitical coup attempt; it originated with British Intelligence and London finance; its intention is to maintain confrontation with Russia and China, and even to go to the point of war with those powers, keep the nations of the world divided, somehow stop the peaceful rise of China. President Trump’s openly professed intention to seek good relations with both China and Russia, for the common safety and economic benefit of all three nations, marked him as an adversary of British Intelligence, to be removed.

Significant numbers of Americans now see the British hand behind Russiagate. Yesterday LaRouchePAC has escalated that fight for the truth, posting an interview with the former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, William Binney, proving that the original Russiagate charge — that Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee computer servers and gave the product to Wikileaks — is false beyond reasonable doubt. We hope this interview will be circulated far and wide.

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