Civil War Would Erupt If “Green Deal” Socialists Actually Get What They Want


by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

In the months preceding the 2016 presidential election, I predicted a Trump election win but tried to temper expectations with the reality that there were multiple scenarios exploitable by globalists which could turn the conservative elation into confusion and chaos. Just after the election, I published an article titled ‘Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’. In that article I warned that the political Left, when confronted with failure, has displayed a habit of doubling or tripling down and becoming even more extreme in their rhetoric and policies. I also warned that this might influence the political Right to become more extreme in response.

This is the problem when attempting to explain the False Left/Right Paradigm to people who are new to the concept. Yes, at the top of the political pyramid, all the players support essentially the same policies of centralization and more power to the elites. But, at the bottom of the pyramid, there are numerous and legitimate divides among common citizens. The divides are real, not false, and it is these divides that the elites seek to exploit.

One divide that we are likely to hear much more about in the next two years is the divide between “old school” democrats and the new “green deal” socialists/communists. Another more vitriolic divide is the one between common sense conservatives and the “double down” socialist cult.

The narrative being constructed here is a fascinated but disturbing one. Consider the pattern on display:

Sovereignty activists unseat the old Republican guard and take control of the party through Trump during the 2016 election while pushing “populism” to the forefront of the mainstream. They supplant the social justice left who thought they had the world in the palm of their hand. In response, the left goes even more insane; searching for meaning in a world that obviously does not want them, they come to the realization that not only did they run the worst possible candidate in 2016 (Clinton), but their platform was not “extreme enough”. They now plan to not only take down Trump by any means necessary, but they also plan to break down their own “old guard” and rebuild the Democratic party into something openly communist (rather than closet communist).

Of course, this narrative is not reality. Trump didn’t push out the old guard neo-con Republicans. In fact, the elites run his administration today through globalist agents like Bolton, Pompeo, Ross, and Mnuchin. The Trump Administration, while perhaps rebellious in its rhetoric, has done nothing to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC. The left is rebelling against a fantasy. There was no populist takeover of the US government; there are no champions for liberty, free markets and individual sovereignty in the White House. Is was all a con game.

But who benefits from the con?  The globalists, of course, but how does the “green deal” left play into the scheme?

I suspect that the leftists will find themselves in a similar position as liberty conservatives down the road as the “green new deal” is forced into the mainstream consciousness. With “socialists” like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez receiving more public and media attention than ever, it is clear that there is an agenda by the establishment to generate manufactured excitement over socialist/communist policies. To be clear, the way our system operates today is ALREADY quite socialist, with big government interference in almost every aspect of business and life. However, the green new deal represents a full blown Marxist approach to government control. It is essentially soviet level communism, repackaged as environmental socialism.

The Democrats are about to have their own fake internal revolution, which the elites plan to control just as they have controlled Trump’s “takeover” of the Republican Party.

The political Left is more vulnerable than ever to this kind of transition. As noted above, they feel they lost the 2016 election because they ran an establishment candidate on policies that were not extreme enough, and some of them also still believe the debunked notion that the election was stolen by Russian hackers. But, if they do campaign in 2020 on a socialist/communist platform, it will be the same old elitist establishment that benefits. The old guard will become the new guard, just as the old guard became the “new guard” when Trump entered office.

I will try to break the situation down as clearly as I can…

Globalists patterns tend to repeat. They use the same strategies over and over again because these strategies have worked for them in the past. As I noted in my article ‘Trump Trade Wars A Perfect Smokescreen For A Market Crash’, Trump’s presidency strangely echoes that of Herbert Hoover’s. Almost every Trump policy from large corporate tax cuts to infrastructure spending programs to aggressive trade tariffs is reminiscent of Hoover’s presidency just before the onset of the Great Depression (also, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates into economic weakness during Hoover’s presidency, just as they are doing during Trump’s presidency).

Hoover was a one term president unseated by economic collapse. He was then replaced by perhaps the most openly communistic leader the US has ever had; Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was the catalyst for most big government socialist programs for decades to come.

I do not think it is a coincidence that Trump’s presidency closely matches Hoover’s. I do not think it is a coincidence that the Federal Reserve is tightening policy into weakness today (cutting $65 billion in assets from their balance sheet in February alone) just as they did during Hoover’s term. I do not think it is a coincidence that the US is currently suffering a vast economic downturn in fundamental data in housing markets, auto markets, credit markets, manufacturing, and retail. And, I do not think it is a coincidence that as we enter the third year of Trump’s first (and perhaps last) term, the extreme left suddenly proposed a highly socialist “new deal” program from left field. This pattern is rather familiar.

Some people might argue that the green new deal is a sideshow, and that the American people would never support such measures or any presidential candidates that would implement them. And I would agree IF we were to hold an election today. After all, front-muppet Cortez comes off like an angry teenager who just discovered Marx and Alinsky and decided to base her entire identity around the cliff notes of their manifestos. But, by 2020 the story may be much different.

If the globalist scheme is as I have been predicting, and they plan to bring down the US economy into recession/depression territory under Trump’s watch, then the ensuing public fear could develop into support for measures citizens might have originally thought absurd. Trump would likely be voted out even if the Democratic candidate is a full blown socialist, or the election could be rigged by the elites in favor of the Democrat candidate.

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