What Are The Odds?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Me thinks someone has exposed a truth by mistake — and will eventually regret it.

Hubris is like that, you know.  You think you have the upper hand, so you press your advantage.  But you forgot what the advantage really was, and unfortunately as time goes on (and not much of it either) people figure out what’s really going on and then TSHTF.

I have long considered that one of the primary qualifications for being “accepted” into the major parties as a serious candidate (for anything) is that you’re able to be blackmailed.  There has to be something in your past that they know about and can use to “keep you in line.”  There is an utterly-ridiculous over-representation of people in the US Congress and other “high positions” that have been accused (or even proved) to have had interest in “little girls”, as an example, which has led to the (not very funny) anecdote that the only way to “get” this politician or that is to find them with a dead girl — or live boy.

As just one example I give you Dennis Hastert, who was Speaker of the House.  Long after he left office (but sadly for him, before he died) he was accused of structuring transactions illegally to pay off a kid he allegedly did inappropriate things with before he was in the House at all, say much less before he was Speaker.  It beggars belief that nobody knew of this alleged indiscretion before Hastert ascended to the House itself, say much less Speaker of the House.

Therefore this is a perfectly reasonable question: Who blackmailed him and what did they get?  I remind you that the Speaker of the House has near-absolute control over what is and isn’t heard on the floor and thus what bills can and cannot be voted on.

Now we have nearly the entire Democratic Party senior level elected officials in Virginia that have been embroiled in either alleged racism or alleged sexual assault.  This began when the Governor took a position that many (myself included) considered endorsing infanticide.  Suddenly he was “outed” as having a yearbook page from decades prior that included two people — one in blackface and the other with a KKK-style robe on.  He has denied being either person but few believe that.

Then, days later, his Lt. Governor, who would succeed him if he resigned, was claimed to have committed sexual assault.

And now the state AG admits to have been in blackface too!

So who believes nobody knew about any of these issues before these people ran for office — and thus didn’t use that during the campaign?

I sure as hell don’t.

Second, what are the odds that all three of these individuals at the very top of the party in Virginia, would have this sort of taint in their record by pure chance?  Let’s face it folks — not all that many people thought blackface was funny ever, even fewer thought KKK-style hoods were funny, and nobody thinks sexual assault is funny.

There is no honest government that can be had if virtually everyone in high office is being blackmailed to either do or not do certain things.  That should be obvious.

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