Time To Change Course America


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

This is, it appears, what we get for $700 billion a year.

A so-called fighting force that is going to sea in other than direct combat situations where you must move now or be destroyed without basic navigational equipment working properly, where “diversity” is more important than competence and where the projection of apparent force is false.

I know women in the military who are officers and very competent individuals, both mentally and physically. A couple of them I would not want to meet on opposite ends of a 2-way shooting range.  But a few exceptions do not make the rule, and whether that rule applies to men or women doesn’t matter.  The military is not a social justice playground, a diversity experiment or any related thing.  None of that crap has any place on a warship, a military aircraft or a battlefield.


When operating heavy machinery this sort of bull**** gets people killed.  Military hardware is by definition heavy machinery and thus this rule applies, but it goes even further because to “project force” one must be able to repel force aimed at you accurately and as represented if challenged.  If not then the risk to life and limb is not limited to the people in the vicinity of said heavy machinery; it extends to everyone on this rock as such a challenge that cannot be met with the force at hand due to incompetence and “social promotion”, never mind intentionally going forth while crippled (which, I remind you, is a demonstration of social promotion as well!) puts this nation and in fact the entire world at risk of nuclear escalation when, not if, such a challenge results in the sinking (or blowing from the sky) of said assets instead of a successful challenge and response.

Go read the link in my original article again.  You will find so-called “captains” that should have never been on said destroyer, an OD who wasn’t competent to run the bridge and who failed to call the captain to the bridge, a man who probably was competent, ten or more minutes before the accident when she knew damn well she was in trouble, and myriad others who could have called bull**** on the entire exercise due to the lack of both men and functional machinery long before the incident and didn’t — including people on shore all the way up and down the chain of command who knew the communications systems on board weren’t working because they couldn’t talk to the ship using said tools.

We spend $700 billion and we get rank incompetence and crap instead of a fighting force ready and able to take on what comes their way.  We are more-concerned about whether someone who wants to have the taxpayer pay to have their dick cut off should be “allowed” to bill said taxpayer and “serve” than whether the OD has posted a watch on both sides of a naval vessel at night, in a busy seaway when she knows the ****ing radar doesn’t work right.  She had to know, because they were in a busy seaway, the screen is on the bridge right in front of her ******ned face and targets that are at long range and coming toward you do not disappear as they get closer; we do not live in a world where transporters exist and little green men violate the laws of physics, never mind that 1,000 foot long container ships are really ****ing big!  If such a target disappears off your scope while headed in your general direction your radar is broken — period.

**** the military and their so-called claim to respect as an institution.  It is time to withdraw our consent as people of this nation to all of that garbage until and unless it all stops and is reversed, 100%, no exceptions, right here and now.

In the interim I propose a better answer: We make clear to everyone world-wide that they can do whatever the hell they want so long as they do not harm anyone with a US Passport traveling legitimately who has been lawfully admitted to their part of this rock, or commit an act of aggression against the United States and its territories.

At the same time we formally recommit to 2nd Amendment as written and the people of this nation are encouraged to go buy whatever the hell they want for arms and ammunition up to and including crew-served weapons.  We make clear that any incursion onto this land by anyone who comes without lawful permission including invaders who come one at a time, in caravans or sponsored by other governments including but certainly not limited to national military entities are legitimate targets and our citizens are authorized to stop any such invasion by any means they so choose.

Navy is the one military force that our founders recognized as necessary on a continual basis for what should be obvious reasons.  If this is the state of the Navy today the other branches of the military are in worse condition.  We should therefore reconstruct said Navy from the ground up if necessary and at a fraction of what we spend now, with exactly zero ****s given about diverse-anything.  Do the damned job or get out, no exceptions for race, sex, creed, color or anything else.

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