Military Operations Involving Wells Fargo Followed By Outages?


from Perc 360:

With virtually no warning to the public, military were seen conducting urban warfare exercises first in downtown LA on Feb. 4th, then in Salt Lake City on Feb. 10th. Both operations either directly involved or were conducted right next to Wells Fargo buildings.

Coincidentally Wells Fargo experienced 2 outages, one on Feb 1st, then again on Feb. 7th and 8th.


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Wells Fargo blamed the second issue on a “fire suppression” system that accidentally activated at their data center in Minnesota, though the fire department near the center told CNBC there was no fire.

Wells Fargo wanted to make it clear, that the outage was “not due to any cybersecurity event.” Interesting they felt the need to point that out.

Though they claimed to have fixed the problem, they did say in a news release that there “may continue to be delays in mobile and online banking as customers check their balances.”

Military Operations in LA

Feb. 4th: Thousands of frightened Los Angeles residents awoke to the sound of low-flying helicopters, gunfire, and explosions.

Notice that the troops in the below video are carrying something out of the Guatemalan House of Culture, which I’ll explain later on. Many speculate they are wearing hazmat suits. Right next to it is Wells Fargo.


After the operation began – what is now being called Emerald Warrior/Trident, the Army then fed the media their cover story.

The local terrain and training facilities in Los Angeles provide the Army with unique locations and simulates urban environments the service members may encounter when deployed overseas,” the Army told CBS.

The Army then informed the media it will be conducting “training exercises” across the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area until Saturday.

The “training exercise” seen on Monday involved a fleet of Boeing A/MH-6M Little Bird and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, as well as a Navy P-8 Poseidonknown for its anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare, equipped with electronic surveillance systems capable of classifying and geolocating enemy emissions, such as those from air defense systems and enemy communications nodes.

No photo description available.

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The helicopters seen are utilized by 160th Special Air Operations Regiment (SOAR) forces—who are known as the world famous Night Stalkers. The operators were likely Army Delta Force (5th FG Green Berets).

So why were special forces conducting unannounced operations and what did they extract that required hazmat suits?

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