JBSFC and McCarthyite Intimidation


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Please be sure to listen to at least the first ten minutes of this podcast.

Please be sure to listen to this new podcast. Your jaw will drop during the first eight minutes.

To wit, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is now actively attempting to intimidate regular citizens who may have had contact with any media or political organizations in Russia or have traveled to Russia at any time in the past few years.

This is outrageous! With history as a guide and knowing that past is often prologue, we have frequently discussed on this site the likelihood that the US would likely soon descend into a form of neo-McCarthyism and redbaiting. Well, here we are.

As usual, I implore you to listen to these podcasts this week and every week. Nowhere else in western media will you find such a fair, objective and balanced discussion of The New Cold War.


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