It’s Official: Big Brother Is Seizing The Bank Accounts Of Political Dissidents


by Joshua Finkelberg, DC Clothesline:

The free market, as it is professed by many conservatives and libertarians, is an utter sham. There is nothing free about this market, where a person has no rights and no ability to conduct commerce if they practice wrong-think.

Enrique Tarrio, the replacement for Gavin McInnes as the head of the pro-Western fraternal organization Proud Boys, figured this out the hard way after Chase informed him that his personal bank account was being terminated due to this political beliefs.

Big League Politics broke the story on this Orwellian, anti-American development that should send shivers down your spine:

This comes just days after Chase Bank’s payment processor, Chase Paymentech, de-platformed him on a website he runs that allows groups and charities to sell merchandise, and raise money for causes. The website,, is most known for selling the famous “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” shirts which Stone was spotted in during the late-night arrest at his home.

Tarrio has been facing months of backlash for his affiliation with the Proud Boys, first getting onto the radar in an article published on The Daily Beast, which asserts that people of color are joining white supremacist organizations. Tarrio is both Cuban, and black, and was profiled in that article.

The Proud Boys, despite simply being a fraternal organization that believes in Western culture, have been smeared as a hate group. Gavin McInnes, the group’s founder, is currently suing the SPLC over their hate group label.”

In addition, Tarrio has been banned from a host of tech services including Facebook, Instagram, Square, Airbnb, Twitter, PayPal, FirstData, and Stripe. Despite the fact that he is a minority and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, Big Brother is coming to unperson him anyway for his conservative opinion.

“My political views pretty much mirror those of President Donald Trump,” Tarrio said to Big League. “But the media, and groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, smear me trying to tie me, an Afro-Cuban, to ideologies that would force me out of my own country if they went into effect. It’s completely asinine and based completely outside of reality.”

Tarrio is scared for the future of his family now that he has effectively been frozen out of the marketplace by multinational corporations that are ecstatically enforcing leftist dogma.

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