If True: Lock That Jackass Up — NOW


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

This is outrageous….. and if true must be severely punished.

Chicago (CNN) Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe actor Jussie Smollet paid two men to orchestrate an assault on him that he reported late last month.

Smollet’s attorneys claim “he had no role in this attack.”  Of course there’s no consequence if they either know or should have known they’re lying — this isn’t a courtroom and thus perjury does not apply.

CBS in Chicago is reporting that the claim has been made that the entire thing was also rehearsed!

The sources say the red hat was bought at an Uptown beauty supply store and that the attack was supposed to happen before Jan. 29. The brothers told detectives the three men rehearsed the attack days prior to it happening.

Those who claim “hate crimes” that really aren’t and do so to smear someone else or some other group, as appears to be the case here, must have hate-crime charges brought against them with the full penalty that would have accrued had the alleged attack actually happened.

In addition, assuming once again that it proves up that this was a hoax, that jackwad must be billed for every penny of law enforcement resource expended — all salaries and overtime, all equipment, all supplies, all lab time, everything — that was wasted in pursuit of the false claim.

These sorts of hoaxes are not accidents — they’re intentional and outrageous acts intended to incite race wars, never mind libeling entire populations.

This must not be allowed to stand.

And as for all the journalists that breathlessly reported the “hate crime” that occurred? What about them?

And of course we have AOC who tweeted this:

There is no such thing as “racially charged.” This attack was not “possibly” homophobic. It was a racist and homophobic attack. If you don’t like what is happening to our country, then work to change it. It is no one’s job to water down or sugar-coat the rise of hate crimes.

What “rise” of “hate crimes”?

The hate crime appears to have been perpetrated by Smollet — so when are you going to resign for stoking racial hatred ginned up by Jussie himself along with you?

Then there’s Pelosi — the perennial fraud — who needs to be ejected from the House right ****ing now:

The racist, homophobic attack on @JussieSmollett is an affront to our humanity. No one should be attacked for who they are or whom they love. I pray that Jussie has a speedy recovery & that justice is served. May we all commit to ending this hate once & for all.

It certainly appears that AOC and the rest who piled on without evidence are all frauds — and now it appears it’s in the process of being proved since it is being claimed Smollet paid the two “attackers” to stage the hoax.

There was never a reason to believe this garbage from the outset.  In Chicago, particularly in the part of Chicago known for gay bars and similar hangouts, we were supposed to believe that during a huge winter cold snap at 2:00 AM there was out and about a roving gang of thugs hellbent on claiming allegiance to Trump who just happened to have both a noose and bleach to ambush a black, gay man with?  Oh, and said gay black man was allegedly sporting a Subway sandwich when attacked and despite claiming he “fought ’em off successfully” the sandwich was still in the bag, undamaged, caught on video as he emerged from the alley — which was known to be the case within hours of the original report.  Really?

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