Here Comes ‘The Plague’: This Is Part Of The Globalists Plan To ‘Cull’ Us All – Sickening Video Shows American Cities Descending Into Shambles


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Back on February 14th, we published a story on ANP titled This Map Shows Where We Don’t Want To Be When SHTF As Big US Cities Already In A State Of Decay Are Transformed Into Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands within which we reported upon the descent of several big US cities into trash infested, crime ridden hellholes and only days later, ANP reader Linda Smith posted the must watch video directly below in our breaking news comment section.

Linda had found the video after Steve Quayle had posted it to his website on February 18th. Titled “Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes“, we get a taste within this video of just how bad things are beginning to get in big US cities, a video that must be emphasized here before we go on.

As Michael Snyder over at his End of the American Dream blog recently asked, with big cities already falling apart so dramatically as we see in this video, how bad will things get when economic conditions really start to deteriorate? As proven by several comments left by ANP readers over the last several days on Linda’s link to this video, this is absolutely not for the feint of heart.

Much more below including a new look at the Deagel report that is still forecasting a huge depopulation event or events prior to 2025 that will cull America’s population from 327+ million to only 100 million by 2025 as well as a look at several more signs that the globalists long-running plans to take down America is ongoing now, starting in big US cities.

As Jon Dougherty reported in this recent story over at the National Sentinel, “portions of major cities in Western U.S. states including California, Oregon, and Washington are increasingly becoming uninhabitable as rats, homeless people, and drug users have turned block after block into filthy, disease-ridden enclaves” as we saw in the video above.

Like Snyder in his story, Dougherty warns that once upon a time and not too long ago, many big US cities were the envy of the rest of the world but now, hordes of zombified and drugged out homeless walk the streets while places like Seattle and San Francisco, ruled over by Democrats and among the wealthiest in the country, allow the urban decline to take place.

If they’re doing that to their own cities, allowing them to turn into post-apocalyptic wastelands, why should we trust them with America? As Dougherty also points out, “while homeless encampments have been part of the American landscape for decades, the problem is growing — especially in Western cities — because policies enacted by Democratic leaders serve as magnets for the homeless. And without proper care and sanitation, their encampments become epicenters for filth and disease”.

And as we pointed out in this story on February 19th on ANP, we’re just under 2 years away of potentially having another Democratic president in the White House. With the ‘party of crazy‘ embracing infanticide and hoax hate crimes over the past several weeks, and having shown us what they want America to become under 8 years of Barack Obama, is there any reason for us to believe that a Democratic president won’t bring to America what they’ve brought to big US cities across America?


While the msm will continue to call any talk of a ‘depopulation agenda‘ fake news, as we’ve reported on ANP time and again, for some reason, the deep state tied website is STILL forecasting massive depopulation for America by the year 2025.

And as we’ve previously pointed out on ANP, Deagel’s sources for the outrageous numbers seen above are the ‘deep state‘ as we’ll see in the next screenshot below, including the CIA, Department of State, Department of Defense, and the European Union.

With Deagel not only forecasting a huge drop in our population numbers by 2025 but also forecasting America to look like a 3rd world nation with our Gross Domestic Product, GDP Per Capita and Purchase Power Parity also expected to drop dramatically in just a few years, the most stunning number may be the military budget which Deagel forecasts to drop from $637 billion in 2017, #1 in the world by far, to only $32 billion in 2025, which would put us at #6 in the world.

With prices on military equipment and weaponry always increasing year after year, how will America’s military budget actually drop by more than $600 billion and the military still be effective in keeping America safe and secure?

And while most of the numbers that we see above had been forecast prior to President Trump getting into office, we still haven’t seen much of a change at all in those numbers since he got into office although as we had reported back on May 2nd of 2018, there was an actual increase in the 2025 population forecast of the US from 54 million under Obama to 100 million under President Trump. Yet even that 100 million is still a 227 million drop from 2017.

So why is Deagel forecasting America to look like a 3rd world nation by 2025? As they’d previously mentioned in an explanation that they left as to why they believe that America will soon look like a shell of its former self. They believe that the United States is about to be hit by a confluence of crisis with a devastating result that will leave America far worse off than the collapse of the Soviet Union.


With America’s big cities now falling apart and young Democrats continuing to push America towards socialism, this new story from Brandon Smith over at Alt Market should be a huge red flag to all as Venezuela descends to the edge of becoming another Syria while protesters there are executed for their social media posts condemning Maduro’s regime.

As has been reported time and again, the death toll of socialism numbers more than 100 million dead over the past 100 years and while America’s young are highly drawn to socialism in 2019, do they even know what it is? As this 2018 poll by gallup pointed out, while Democrats and America’s youth are embracing socialism, Republicans and older Americans who have lived through watching the scourge that socialism takes upon a population highly reject it.

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