Ex-CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Explains How They Fake The News


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

You may recall the name of journalist Amber Lyon.  She is the one that left the most worthless name in news, CNN, after her reporting was censored.  She went on to out the state-controlled propaganda machine at the time.  However, in a short interview with Abby Martin on Sky News, Lyon explains just how propaganda outlets like CNN fake the news.

First, did you know that six corporations control nearly 90% of all the media in America?  Of course, this marginalizes anything and any view that differs with what these media outlets consider to be “mainstream.”

In fact, many reporters have either left or been fired for speaking out against the establishment line of their particular network or going against those who pay money to advertise on the network.

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Martin pointed out that in 1999, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson of Fox attempted to air their investigation uncovered the dark secrets of rBGH, but were blocked from airing the report by threats from Monsanto.

She then pointed out NBC’s Peter Arnett, who was fired for making critical comments about the Iraq War on Iraqi television.  The same held true to longtime talk show host Phil Donahue who was also fired for his critical comments of the Iraq invasion.

At that time, this very poignant statement came forward and it’s still true today.

“Commercial television decided amassing corporate money and providing entertainment [was] its central mission.” -Award winning journalist Christ Hedges

Andrea Seabrook of NPR resigned in protest after constantly being required to reprint government press releases, referring to the incestuous relationship between reporters and politicians “collusion.”

Finally, former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson resigned from the network citing a growing bias by CBS and pressure from its corporate partners.

With these examples as a startup, Martin interviewed Amber Lyon about what she experienced at CNN.

Lyon said that she produced a documentary exposing the Bahrain regime, which the US had been supporting financially and with weapons, was actually using some of those weapons to torture and murder some of its own people.

However, once the documentary was complete, CNN informed Lyon and her colleagues that the documentary wasn’t going to air with virtually any explanation why it would not be aired.

However, Lyon discovered that Bahrain was a “paying customer at the network, at CNN.”  She also discovered that Bahrain and several other pro-US regimes worldwide are actually paying CNN big money to produce “positive content” and “fake documentaries” about them, which she called “infomercials for dictators.”

Meanwhile, CNN fails to disclose any of this to their viewers or their own journalists, but rest assured, outlets like NewsGuard have given them a clean bill of health when it comes to transparency, believing the “nutritional value” of fake news outlets like CNN, who have a long track record of simply fabricating news, are safe for you to watch and you can trust them.  Yeah, right!

Lyon says this is defrauding and misleading people, and she is correct.

Ms. Lyon also points out that many serious journalists have had to abandon the mainstream media outlets they have previously worked for because they simply can’t do their job without self-censorship, something I have warned many of my own colleagues about.  Who needs government censorship if you are going to censor yourself for a dollar?

“In ten years of working in the mainstream, I was censored on stories at every single one of my jobs, whether that be to please corporate interests or the story was censored to please the united States government,” Lyon told Martin.  “So, this is a chronic problem that’s really destroying journalism in the united States.”

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