Coup At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

This weekend has certainly been interesting.

McCabe is on his “book tour”; the usual next act for someone who leaves a position of political power these days and a rank manifestation of the sleaze factor in modern “politics.”

Never mind the unseemly act of a former Deputy FBI Director doing something like this.

Let’s remember that McCabe was fired for lying, and not just once either.  His recent screamfest included the rank lie that he was fired “for opening an investigation against The President.”  No, Andrew, you were fired for lying repeatedly — and it wasn’t Trump that made the determination either, it was the FBI’s OPR.  You first leaked information related to the Clinton Foundation to a reporter (a violation of your oath of office and duties under your position), got caught and lied after being caught.

But what McCabe has claimed in his interview and presumably in print, in his book, is that there was a serious inquiry made toward a conspiracy to remove President Trump from office under the 25th Amendment along with covertly recording conversations with him in allegedly-secure areas by the people who, in no small part, are charged with that security.

Further, other contemporary reports now in the public domain prove that (1) the FBI knew the predicate for their “inquiry” into the President (alleged “Russian” connections) was a lie ginned up by Hillary’s campaign, that (2) they intentionally lied to a federal judge not once but multiple times to get a warrant to search and seize communications (that’s a felony) and (3) this was all known before Mueller was appointed and in fact before McCabe was fired.

In other words the people involved in this series of actions knew they had no factual or Constitutional basis on which to proceed at the time they took the actions in question.

You may not agree with the fact that removing a President from office has been deemed a political process available only through impeachment — but it’s a fact.  Under a Constitutional Republic you have only one lawful means to change a defined Constitutional process, and that is to amend the Constitution.

Attempting to overthrow a lawfully-elected President via any other means is not only corrupt it’s the sort of thing that happens in banana republics.  While people can joke about this or that, or have a private conversation about it and that’s their right this allegedly went well beyond that, into the realm of speaking of it in as a serious matter with the FBI’s General Counsel!

Baker allegedly freaked out at the suggestion — as well he should.  He and everyone involved in such an act could legitimately hang — literally — for it had it been attempted and failed.

That this, when brought to the attention of Congress, didn’t result in the immediate demand for everyone involved to step down, face a full and public inquiry of their actions and, to the extent laws were violated, be indicted and tried on same is even more outrageous.

Not only do we no longer have an FBI that is worthy of any support by anyone, ever under any circumstances we also no longer have a Congress, on either side of the aisle, that is worthy of support or any act of obeyance with any alleged “law” it passes.

Simply put the entirety of the Washington DC apparatus has become so full of themselves that they no longer believe any portion of the Constitution constrains their actions in any way, shape or form.

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