Cheerleading Infanticide Might Just Be The Tipping Point For Democrats


by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall:

As a man, I feel very comfortable telling women that they can’t murder their babies.

I will never be impregnated, or carry a baby, nor give birth, and yet I am still going to demand that no one murder a child.

Yeah, I know a lot of liberals insist that because I identify as male, I can’t have an opinion on the subject of murdering babies, but I do have an opinion, and it is that we should not legalize the murder of babies.

Call it “male privilege” if you wish, but I’m sticking with my firm “No killing babies” position.

I don’t think I’m alone on this. I don’t think it’s just my genitals driving this decision. I think a lot of other male identifying people, and female identifying people, and people who identify in other ways, all can’t get behind infanticide. We have come together in a beautiful and diverse coalition of people who oppose the legal extermination of children. And it’s a coalition that should worry the Democrat elite, since a lot of Democrat voters are not cool with laws that allow the offing of infants.

This is just the latest cultural assault we’ve been subjected too, and the most appalling (yet). Normal people of both parties have been getting progressively more woke to the indisputable fact that the left hates us and wants us dead or enslaved, but legalizing the murder of babies might be an atrocity too far.

Kavanaugh lynch mob? That taught us that every man is vulnerable to some shaky tale from three decades ago. That was bad.

Covington Fiasco? That taught us that our sons are fair game if they dare smile wrong when some fake Vietnam veteran who is not Dick Blumenthal bangs a drum in their faces – or whenever else the garbage media and the garbage left set their sights upon them for having political views that offend the perpetually offended. That was bad too.

But now it’s killing babies. Like, actual babies. Not even fetuses. Babies. Like, one minute away from breathing and crying. Or even after birth, according to (as of this writing) Virginia Governor and cringy racial humor aficionado Ralph (“Racist Nickname Omitted”) Northam. Note that Bill Kristol, the Fredocon Elvis, contributed to abortionboy’s campaign contribution because Trump sends mean tweets and because killing babies is apparently True Conservatism™. At this writing, it is unclear if the Northam yearbook picture of the male in blackface and the male in the KKK get-up are Northam and Kristol.

In any case, the Democrats got my attention when they recently pivoted from **mumble mumble women’s healthcare mumble mumble** to SHOUTING THEIR ABORTIONS, and then took the next step of giving the thumbs up to butchering an eight-month, 29-day old kid just minding his business waiting to exit the uterus. I think it got a lot of people’s attention.

Look, abortion was not my big issue. I was against it, but it was not a subject I liked to talk about, and many fellow conservatives seemed to feel the same way. A couple decades ago, before I got married, I found it distasteful but I really did not care much about whether it was legal or not. I actively managed my own fertility and I just didn’t see it as applying to me. But it never occurred to me that the abortion nuts meant killing full-grown babies.

But they meant killing full grown babies all right. You heard them correctly the first time – not later when all the lies and distractions cranked up to cover up what they really want for the benefit of the squares. Their position is that a baby can be killed anytime before it is born for any reason. Not just deformed or sick ones, and not just when mothers are in the essentially mythical danger of dying if that baby isn’t aborted stat. Anytime, for any reason.

Oh yeah, later ones require a “health care provider” sign off that it’s for the health of the mother, **wink wink**. Does anyone think the aspiring Doc Gosnells out there are going to do anything but rubber stamp the death warrants? Hell, that’s what the Democrats want, a fig leaf to cover the grisly reality of what they want. And that reality makes most of the nominally pro-choice people queasy.

Ask them. Ask them “Okay, a pregnancy is nine months long. At what specific date should we outlaw abortion. One month? Two months? Five months?

Their honest answer is “Nine months, and even after,” but they won’t answer you honestly. You’ll get a word soup of “woman’s choice” and “her doctor” and “reproductive healthcare” but you will never get a date – except from the ones too crazy to try to hide it, or the ones like that Virginia delegate who was too stupid to understand that she shouldn’t actually say it or the Normals will freak out.

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