Brutal News For The Mainstream Media Amid The Unraveling Of The Story About Actor Jussie Smollett Being Attacked By ‘MAGA’ Supporters


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Apparently the only people that think the liberal “mainstream” media is doing a good job, are radical liberals and the journalists that are part of the industry, according to a new brutal IBD/TIPP poll.

A brief look at the numbers before detailing the most recent example of why the majority of Americans have lost even more trust in the media over just the past two years. The important segment of the population to watch is the Independents, because generally they are the ones that are more down the middle partisan-wise. Also note the amount of Democrats are noting the media bias, and media agenda.


• 69 percent think the news media “is more concerned with advancing its points of view rather than reporting all the facts.” Only 29 percent of the public disagrees with that statement. That includes 72 percent of independents, 95 percent of Republicans, and 43 percent of Democrats.

• 59 percent say that the press covers issues in a way “that seeks to delegitimize the views held by President Trump and his supporters.” 60 percent of independents and 93 percent of Republicans agree with that. While they do not specify the number of Democrats that agreed with the statement, approximately 24 percent would have had to agree in order to average the 59 percent. (60+93+24 = 177 |177 divided by 3 = 59 percent)

• 53 percent say they agree that the media “prematurely declared President Trump guilty of collusion with Russia without sufficient evidence.” On this, too, most independents, 55 percent, agree. So do more than one in five 22 percent of Democrats.

Geographically, those in the Midwest and the South are mostly likely to say their trust in the press has declined (52% and 57%, respectively) since Trump took office. Men are far more likely than women (54% vs. 47%). And those with incomes over $75,000 (51% of home distrust the media more) more than lower-income households.

When the media loses the trust of the majority of Independents that believe the media is agenda driven, not factual, and are extremely biased against the President and his supporters, and that the media has pushed a story, almost non-stop for over two years, that had no evidence to support it, they have a major problem.

The fact that even 43 percent of Democrats also see the media pushing an agenda rather than facts, shows a significant decrease in trust by the media’s own party, the Democrats. With 24 percent observing the media attacks on President Trump and his supporters, and 22 doubting the entire “Russia collusion” narrative, the overall level of confidence in any “mainstream” media narrative takes a massive hit overall, since an overwhelming majority of Independents and Republicans distrust the industry as a whole.

In other words, the media’s far lurch to the radical left, becoming the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, rather than “informing” the public of straight news without opinion, has harmed the trust in the journalists themselves and the news outlets they work for, as evidenced by many liberal outlets having to cut staff recently.

In February, Vice Media, McClatchy company, and Machinima announced layoffs and buyouts, respectively, that brought the number of media jobs eliminated in 2019 to over 2,200.

The cuts follow layoff announcements at BuzzFeed, Verizon, and Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the US. 




Examples can be found, and we at ANP have documented a number of them over the past nearly three years, of outright fake news being peddled by CNN, NYT, WAPOBuzzFeed and television talking heads and others, as well as misleading headlines, false assertions that have had to be walked back, some articles having to be completely deleted, and an unprecedented number of editor’s notes and corrections having to be added subsequent to publishing because they got almost everything wrong.

Aside from those examples already documented, the media is still suffering from their overzealous agenda driven reporting regarding the Covington Catholic students, for no other reason that the media was triggered by a MAGA hat on a number of the students. Lawsuits are being drawn up against a number of journalists, talking heads and celebrities for maliciously maligning the students, which resulted in death threats against the students.

Another recent example came right on the heels of the media’s incredibly damning Covington failure.

‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett claimed he was attacked by two men that make racist and homophobic slurs against him. In a follow up interview he and his manager claimed the alleged attackers had yelled “This is MAGA country.” Both men claimed the Smollett was on the phone with his manager at the time.

The media ran fast and hard with it, despite no evidence of the attack actually happening, other than Smollett’s claim, and a thin clothesline rope around his neck.

On day one, people questioned why it took 40 minutes for him to call the police, why he continued to keep the “rope” around his next, and why he refused to hand over his phone to the police so they could document the timeline and verify that he was on the phone with his manager at the time of the attack.

The media continued to hammer away at the story, with the “Trump supporter attacks gay man” angle, as if Smollett’s version of events were gospel, because it fit their anti-Trump narrative.

Two weeks have passed and in that time: 1) Police have collected dozens of video feeds from the surrounding area where the alleged attack occurred, and can trace Smollett’s path, all except the critical 60 seconds when he claims the attack happened.

2) Initial reports claimed Smollett had a broken rib and was hospitalized, and Smollett has subsequently admitted his rib was not broken and he did not go to the hospital, yet the media repeated that claim without any evidence.

3)  It took almost two weeks after the alleged attack Smollett finally handed over phone records, which the police describe as “heavily redacted,” and do not “meet the burden for a criminal investigation.”

4) Smollett managed to hold on to his Subway purchase during this “brutal” attack that last 60 seconds.

5) Smollett’s own neighbors who live in the same apartment building and neighborhood, are now casting doubt about whether an attacked even occurred.

6) As Smollett’s story unravels, Jussie Smollett just hired Harvey Weinstein’s PR people at Sunshine Sachs to represent him. ABC7 Chicago reporter Rob Eglas tweeted the announcement along with a statement made by  Chris Bastardi, he is the Vice President/Head of Strategy and Crisis for Sunshine Sachs.

This has people asking “Why would the victim in the case need a specialist on crisis communications?

Something may have happened to Smollett in the early morning hours, but until the police investigation has concluded, there is no evidence or proof that anything did happen, and if something did, what exactly happened or who did it is still in question, especially since we also have the fact that during the original interview with police, Smollett never mentioned anything about “MAGA country,” but added that later during a subsequent interview with police.



The fact is the media ran with a story, without any evidence, because it fit their agenda driven narrative that “Trump supporters are bad,” and now that his story is being questioned, they are attempting to move right on along without doing any real investigative journalism, because if this turns out to be a hate hoax, like the Covington disaster was, the media will once again be caught red-handed pushing a fake news story, for no other reason that it gives them the opportunity to attack Trump supporters.

This is exactly the type of story, and media knee-jerk reactions and triggering to anything “MAGA,” that is represented in the polling numbers shown at the top of the article, which shows that more and more of the nation is becoming aware of the media’s bias, agenda, and attacks on President Trump and his supporters, which is causing massive distrust by the people, for the media.

Yet “journalists” like CNN’s Jim Acosta are still whining up a storm about being heckled at Trump rallies, with people chanting CNN is Fake News and CNN sucks, claiming journalists are being endangered because President Trump criticizes them.

Maybe Mr. Acosta should start looking into the mirror and understanding the reason President Trump’s supporters are chanting those things is because of the media’s failure to report “news” rather than opinion, because as the numbers show, it certainly isn’t just Trump supporters that recognize how spectacularly the media is failing in the era of the Trump presidency.

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