As a Coup Against the President Approaches, So Are Discussions of FEMA Camps


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The subject of FEMA camps keeps re-entering the discussion with regard to Deep State activity in this country. The existence of FEMA camps has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, both from eyewitnesses and government documents which will be reviewed, again, in a future article. But which side is control of FEMA camps? Is it the legally elected authority constitutionally chosen to rule the Republic. Or, are the landlords of the FEMA camps Deep State operatives with a very nefarious purpose in mind?

FEMA Camps: The Topic That Will Not Die

Many times I have stated that Obama was the eighth inning set up relief pitcher and Hillary Clinton was to be the closer. Obama engaged in many actions which solidified the existence and purpose of FEMA camps and just prior to the end of his presidency, both he and the Vice-President, Joe Biden, met secretly with the Federal Reserve at the Pentagon and members of the Joint Chiefs were in attendance. As previously stated, Vice-President Biden was in attendance as well and this speaks to the gravity of the situation, because the President and the Vice-President almost never attend the same meetings for security reasons.  Also, it is highly unusual for the President to ever meet with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve tells the President what to do. So, one has to ask themselves, what did the Federal Reserve need, from the President, that they cannot supply for themselves? Answer: They needed the use of the President’s military assets which would have been employed had Hillary been elected.

From the SF Gate“White House spokesman Josh Earnest said both Obama and Yellen are focused on ways to expand economic opportunities for the U.S. middle class. He called the meeting an opportunity for the two to “trade notes” while emphasizing that Yellen makes decisions about monetary policy independently. ” The notion of trading notes on future economic possibilities is silly. The President, nor Congress has any say over money policies. This is strictly the domain of the Federal Reserve. Again, I come back to the Federal Reserve’s anticipated need for military assets to to enforce the economic decisions that are coming. If you don’t think something wasn’t terribly wrong, please consider that the President, Vice-President and Federal Reserve Chair have never met together at one time

I knew about this meeting and published this fact. I had learned, with information that will be re-released in this series, that the Federal Reserve was planning to collapse the dollar and contingency martial law plans were being drawn up and would be enacted after Clinton assumed control of the Presidency. But along came Donald Trump and these plans were derailed, at least temporarily.
There are other contextual clues in unlocking the FEMA camp question that need to be explored at this time in order to provide an accurate threat assessment. We will begin with the TPP and its relationship with the subject of FEMA camps.

Did You Ever Wonder Why the TPP Is Not Allowed to be Read by Congress?

 In 2015 and 2016, former WYDE FM talk show host, the late Joshua Coy and I had discussed on my show, several times, the plight of the disappearing homeless people. This subject will not go away and has resurfaced in a manner that many in the Independent Media are taking notice of and reporting to their audiences.

Many in the Independent Media have made note of this phenomenon. Where are the homeless being taken, and for what purpose? Through a multitude of sources, most through the leaks coming out of  the Jade Helm 15 drills, both Josh and myself learned that they were being abducted (remember LA Times story about impromptu homeless shelters?) and taken to detention camps and while at the detention camps, they are being used as cannon fodder to train the would-be FEMA camp personnel. In other words, these homeless people are being used to beta test FEMA camp procedures. There were even stories that surfaced that suggested that organ extraction and trafficking were being practiced and it strongly appears that this practices is still on-going.

Debtors Prisons?

As I will discuss in a later part of this series, this was all being done under the premise of creating debtors prisons which are FEMA labor camps. Leaks from the TPP justify this interpretation. Trump dealt the Deep State’s FEMA camp plans a serious blow when he blew up the TPP. However, the use of FEMA camps designed to involuntarily house unwilling prisoners will not go away with the homeless population being at the center of this controversy.

After reviewing the evidence in upcoming articles, it is clear that Hillary Clinton would be incarcerating dissidents by this time had she been elected. During her campaign, she suggested that all unhappy conservatives should be sent to “Fun camps”.

This is all by design, please watch the following 2 minute video as it shows an interview of Larry Grathwohl who was an FBI agent assigned to investigate the Weather Underground. William Ayers is the founder of the Weather Underground which backed the notion of a communist takeover of this country. In the video, the late Larry Grathwohl is speaking about William Ayers. It was in William Ayers’ living room that Barack Obama launched his political career. In this video, the man who launched Obama’s political career said it was his plan to kill at least 25 million dissenters who would oppose the communist takeover of America and they would be put to death in FEMA camps.

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